Huang Xiaoming’s New Girlfriend Looks Like Angelababy

It has been four months since Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) and Angelababy (楊穎) announced their divorce. While Angelababy has allegedly lost commercial value since the golden couple’s breakup, Huang Xiaoming was recently exposed to be dating an influencer named Ye Ke (葉珂).

With several apparel businesses to her name, Ye Ke often livestreams to promote her items. The self-made entrepreneur bears a strong resemblance to Angelababy, with long, luscious hair and big, doughy eyes. It is also rumored that Ye Ke is a divorcee herself and has two children.

Keen-eyed netizens quickly concluded that the pair are dating due to clues found on their social media. Ye Ke recently posted a photo of a panda dumpling she made and captioned, “The first time I’m making dumplings.” Days later, Huang Xiaoming posted a photo of himself holding a similar panda dumpling.  It is speculated that Ye Ke made the dumplings for Huang Xiaoming.

Ye Ke later made several posts that showed she was in Fujian. Coincidentally, Huang Xiaoming was also in Fujian for filming.

Just as quickly as news of their relationship was publicized, the couple may already have called it quits. Seemingly refuting the incessant rumors about her relationship status recently with Huang Xiaoming, Ye Ke wrote, “Actually, I have resumed the single life earlier already. I once had the most precious love. Now, the romantic relationship has evolved to friendship and familial love. There are many words in my heart. Those who understand, will understand!”


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