Huang Xiaoming’s Preference for Stacked Shoes

(Above) The 45-year-old was spotted casually dressed in jeans and a cap, with his eye-catchy pink shoes stealing the spotlight.

On the receiving end of doubt over his acting abilities, Chinese celebrity Huang Xiaoming’s (黄晓明) height is also often called into question. Recently, netizens bumped into the star along with Huang Bo (黄渤) and Li Dan (李诞) at a Shanghai exhibition, which once again threw up the question of his true height!

Height Disparity?
Besides the unique design of the Balenciaga pair with an estimated HKD8,000 price tag, its chunky soles also drew attention, with netizens guessing they are as high as 10cm.

Pictured standing beside 1.72m-tall Huang Bo, some remarked that Huang Xiaoming should look at least one head taller than the latter given that he was wearing thick-heeled shoes, but their almost equally tall visuals drew suspicion that his actual height was in fact not more than 1.75m, versus the officially stated 179cm!

The Sole Truth about those “Shoe Lifts”
A fan of thick-soled shoes, Huang Xiaoming’s footwear choices would unintentionally become the topic of interest at his public appearances, or when he was snapped at the airport.

It turns out that the star’s penchant for stacked shoes could be traced back to a rather serious foot injury he suffered while doing stunts on the filming set of White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom <白发魔女传之明月天国> back in 2012.

In his personal response to a netizen’s question, he once shared, “Because of a filming injury I had 6 steel screws in my foot, so my arch is higher than normal, and I can’t fit it into shoes that aren’t roomy enough,” Given this, it is no wonder Huang Xiaoming has a preference for stacked footwear with extra legroom!

Feet pictures posted by Huang Xiaoming showing his unusual arch







Source: ChinaPress

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  1. Women can wear high heels, why cant men wear what they want to look taller too…It is their choice.

  2. 179cm is not short. 175cm is already 5’9″ so he is 5’10.5″
    People just gotta get over being obsesses with being over 6′

    1. it’s the fault of media and some netizens who constantly make height comparisons while ridiculing those short of 6’0. After awhile, those being bullied lose their self-confidence.

  3. Th issue here is that people think he lied about his height. They know that Aaron is short but rarely his height would get as much attention. HXM on the other hand, people have been talking about it for years b/c it doesn’t add up. If he was upfront, there’d be less focus on exposing him.

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