Is Angela Chang Dissing Christine Fan in Her New Single?

Christine Fan (范瑋琪) got some online hate when she commented on her friend’s divorce, and while it was meant to show support for Fish Leong (梁靜茹), netizens didn’t appreciate Christine’s way of mentioning the divorce before Fish even told her own fans.

And Christine’s controversy as “the big mouth” doesn’t stop there.

For the longest time, it was rumored that Angela Chang (張韶涵) and Christine had a bad breakup in their friendship. The two singers used to get along, but over the years, it has become noticeable that they are no longer friends. After Christine explained herself on why she commented about Fish’s divorce, Angela updated her Instagram with question marks. This coincidence in timing has led to netizens to believe that Angela was indirectly sharing her thoughts about Christine.

In the lyrics of Angela’s new single “Return” <>, which she dropped on Friday, she sings about a “fake fairytale, like betrayal, a hypocrite, and still continuing to say it with confidence.” The lyrics are ambiguous, but one cannot help that she may be describing Christine, her former friend.

Christine’s husband “Blackie” Chen Chien-chou (陳建州) was asked to comment on Christine’s controversy in a recent public appearance. He said, “All this talk—is it because someone has something new to drop?” His words seemed to be referring to Angela and her new single.

Christine has also defended herself on Instagram. A netizen wrote, “Just stop going down this wrong path. Are you trying to get all your friends to leave you?” Christine responded, “What did I do wrong?” Another netizen said, “A long time ago you had hurt Angela Chang… and now retribution is here. If you are as kind as you say your are, then this wouldn’t have happened to you!” Christine replied, “I’ve never hurt anyone.”

Christine also expressed her confusion in the comments, writing, “Just what did I do to hurt her? Did you guys all make this up?”


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