Fish Leong Officially Announces Divorce at Mini Concert

By on September 9, 2019 in NEWS

Fish Leong Officially Announces Divorce at Mini Concert

Malaysian singer Fish Leong (梁靜茹) has confirmed the news that she and her husband of nine years, Tony Chao (梁靜茹), are divorced.

At a sharing session for her latest album The Sun Also Rises <我好嗎?-太陽如常升起>, Fish broke down into tears after she started performing her single “Slow to Cool Down” <慢冷>. After her performance, she confirmed to her fans that she is now single again.

“Thank you for all the concerns recently,” she said. “I’ve received them all. I know what everyone is thinking. Mr. Chao and I have already signed the divorce papers, but there are still some loose ends to tie.” They have been living separately since August, but they will share custody of their 5-year-old son, Anderson.

In an interview with reporters, Fish admitted, “I still need to soak all of this in. My parents have been spending time with me.” She declined to answer whether or not the divorce was stemmed from a third party. When she was pressed for more questions, a staff member stepped in and ended the interview.

That night, Fish’s close friend Christine Fan (范瑋琪) showed her support to Fish on social media.

“I’ve never been a big mouth,” she wrote. “Protect! Always…. protect you, guard you, and be with you. Love you.”

According to reporters, Christine had known about Fish’s marriage troubles well before the public. Christine’s manager had to explain that Christine’s post on social media was out of her genuine concern for her best friend.

However, netizens found Christine’s post to be inappropriate, pointing out that Christine had no reason or right to make such a post while Fish is going through a divorce. Christine responded by deleting her original message.


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  • 8 comments to Fish Leong Officially Announces Divorce at Mini Concert

    1. jimmyszeto says:

      Hi Fish

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    2. dramas4me says:

      Some Chinese celebrities from like HK, China, Malaysia, (not sure if TW did that before), etc. They picked some funny/weird English names like this singer (Fish). I think someone else who has the 1st name as “Coffee”. Please stop doing that
      … There are plenty of nice names out there for ladies & gentlemen.

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      • kidd replied:


        Her English name used to be Jasmine. She later adopted her “Fish” as her english name because her Chinese name sounds like ‘fish’ in Cantonese. Maybe she finds Fish more catchy and unique. As a celebrity, you want to be remembered.

        I wonder if Ekin and Chilam still answer to Dior and Julian. I knew them by these 2 English name first before they became more popularly known as Ekin and Chilam.

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        • jimmyszeto replied:

          If my name in Chinese sounded like cow or pig, will I call myself cow or pig? Fish does not sound unique at all. It’s a common word but ridiculous for a name…

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    3. cutie777 says:

      Lol. Fish? She must loves fish very much.

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    4. icedcadbury says:

      I have the understanding that her last chinese name in Cantonese sound like fish. I supposed that is how her name comes about. just like others with Evergreen Mak, Moon Lau, etc.

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      • jcc10 replied:

        @icedcadbury seriously, evergreen has be the funniest name I’ve come about

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    5. funnlim says:

      And finally she ditches the extra luggage. Have read her ex husband was a liability and she married him despite knowing that. Anyway her chinese name sounds like Fish hence Fish. I doubt anyone calls her FISH! FISH!

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