Christine Fan Calls Taiwan Premier a “Corrupted Official” in Deleted Facebook Post

In attempts to prevent the Wuhan coronavirus from spreading, Taiwan has tightened its control on Chinese tourists visiting Taiwan. While Taiwan’s premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) did announce a ban on exporting medical masks out of the country as a precaution, there was also a rumor claiming that the ban would carry over to standard masks.

The rumor did nothing to quell down the rising tensions within the island, which already has 8 confirmed cases. Taiwanese residents are advised to leave homes with masks on.

Even Taiwanese pop singer Christine Fan (范瑋琪) popped up on Facebook to give her two-cents about the rumor, but the post was quickly deleted.

“Our premier is actually banning the export of face masks for one month,” she said. “This is a vulgar move done by a smelly rascal with no personality. Am I [expletive] understanding this wrong? This corrupted official is still considered a human? Look at what’s going on! This [expletive] can’t be this humaneless! I hope the news I’ve heard is fake.”

Though Christine deleted the post quickly, a netizen managed to screenshot it in time and shared it online. The post generated many dislikes and disappointment from Taiwanese netizens, some even defending the Taiwanese government for the move, should it be true.

Christine soon posted an apology on Facebook: “I apologize for the emotional Facebook post which I had made. I was hoping that we were able to have more love and care! I sincerely apologize, and I will work hard to be a better person. I’m sorry for causing so much inconvenience and worry.”


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  1. I actually agree with Christine’s comments if the rumor holds any water. I know China/Taiwan are at a standstill and hostile towards each other, but what happens in China will impact Taiwan on many levels eventually. Banning masks at a time like this is not a good idea. Help those in need because the world is round and what comes around, goes around.

    1. @coralie the truth is that Taiwan doesn’t have enough medical masks for Taiwanese. Over the past few years, Taiwan has imported tens of millions of medical masks from China annually. Even though the need in China spikes because of the pandemic. Taiwan should be the solution. Taiwanese barely has sufficient masks for their citizens now that the threat of an outbreak is escalating.

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