Jackie Chan, Huang Xiaoming Continue to Donate to Efforts Against the Novel Coronavirus

The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak continues to plague China and many other countries around the world, with no intentions to slow down or stop. Many celebrities have also been show their support by those affected of the outbreak through various donations. Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明), who had donated face masks to medical staff in Wuhan a few days ago, has continued to supply surgical masks to various medical settings around the nation.

“Huang Xiaoming had asked a friend to purchase two sets of 37,000 face masks from South Africa,” wrote a post on Weibo. “One set is for Tianjian’s Nankai Hospital, and another set is for Tianjin’s metro station and to the officers stationed at Tianjin’s Baodi district. They are arriving in the country, and a portion of it is already being used by several districts in Tianjin. Xiaoming has already saved some of it for Wuhan, and is currently finding a way to send it there.”

With over 30,000 confirmed cases, Wuhan and fifteen other cities in the Hubei province are quarantined. Tianjin, a central city in Northern China, is also restricting entry and exits at its borders.

The Tianjin Metro also publicly thanked Huang Xiaoming on Weibo for his donations. The actor has recorded a video to cheer on the Tianjin metro workers. In addition, Huang Xiaoming donated 20 clothes dryers and 140 tubs of cooking oil to medical workers.

Jackie Chan (成龍) has also decided to step in, and will do whatever it takes to help overcome the novel coronavirus.

“I’m touched by the courage and strength of the people who are fighting this together,” he wrote on Weibo. “When the country is in danger, we have a duty to protect it. Whether it’s donating masks, protective suits, or even singing to give strength, as long as I am capable and it won’t create any more chaos, I’ll be willing to do it.”

He then offered a “naive” idea, saying that he would be willing to donate 1 million yuan to any person or institution who would be able to discover a cure for the virus.

“If anyone, whether it’s an individual or an institution, is able to produce a cure, I will give them 1 million yuan as a token of my gratitude. I hope everyone understands that this isn’t about money. I just don’t want to see a busy street being empty. I don’t want to see suffering in comrades who should be able to enjoy life.”

Sources: 163.com, stheadline.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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