Kathy Chow’s Ashes to Be Sent Back to Hong Kong

Former TVB actress Kathy Chow’s (周海媚) sudden passing surfaced on December 11. The actress fainted in her Beijing home and was unable to be resuscitated by emergency medical personnel. Her family announced Kathy’s funeral has been completed under the witness of her family members.

Since turning her career to China, Kathy had grown her assets. Her estate was worth $445 million Hong Kong dollars and included her properties in Beijing and Hong Kong, company shares, and bonds.

Since she did not make a will before her passing, Kathy’s mother is now the primary beneficiary of her estate. Kathy’s siblings have no intention of splitting her assets and will leave it all to their mother. However as Kathy’s mother’s age is already quite advanced, the beneficiaries of her estate will likely still be her siblings.

A source shared Kathy’s family intends to transport her ashes back to Hong Kong so she can rest at home. Although she lived in China for 20 years, she grew up in Hong Kong so her family feels it is the most suitable resting place for Kathy. Her family in Hong Kong will also continue to take care of her beloved dogs.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I feeling like crying again… I am so glad to hear we are no getting family dramas over her assets. She can RIP and her beloved dogs are taken care off. Having my own pets, I do know her dog will not understand why she is no longer around. They will grieve…

    1. Will not be easy for the dogs if they were very close to her but it’s a good start that her family will care for the dogs rather than having them given away or abandoned. Wonder if the dogs will be collectively being cared for or going to separate households. Will be easier for them to cope if it is the former arrangement.

      1. I too hope the dogs will not be separated. I remember when our Queen’s corgi passed on a few years ago, by then she had many corgis thru out her life, she said she will not get new ones as she did not want to leave them upon her death. She said, she likely would not be able to watch her new puppies till their adulthood then death. But her son still gave her a new puppy the year after which she loved. Now the corgi is with her son…Since the corgi is still young thus will move on after a while.

        It is also endearing to know of pet owners who love their pets like families…

    2. Being single and with pets can be tricky, it is always hard to get someone to look after them. If I passed away suddenly I’d like to think one of my siblings would take care of my cat but it’s not always something people are willing to take on. It’s good that Kathy’s family seem very supportive.

  2. Heard that her sister had posted online on a few things: the assets will to their mother; her ashes will be brought back to HK but the family is still deciding on the final resting place in HK and will not make it known to the public when they do; friend/friends in China will be looking after the dogs instead.

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