A Peek Inside Kathy Chow’s Luxury Home

Former supermodel Kathy Chow (周汶錡) married French businessman Julien Lepeu in 2012 and became a full-time mother to care for her two sons, Jacques and Avner. The family resides in a spacious home in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, and their boys have grown up beautifully.

Sons Learn Chinese at Home

Already 5 years old, Jacques is now in kindergarten while younger brother Avner has just entered nursery school. Despite having to stay home most of the time due to the pandemic, the brothers have been conscientiously keeping up with their learning schedules at home.

Recently, Kathy shared a photo of Jacques doing homework at home and uploaded a video of him reading out loud in Chinese. His handwriting of traditional Chinese characters was neat, and he had fluent Mandarin pronunciation.

Jacques’ bedroom has a large study desk facing floor-to-ceiling windows, inviting the natural sunlight in for optimal learning. The white-blue themed bedroom also makes for a minimalist, comfortable environment.

Other rooms in Kathy’s Repulse Bay residence also keeps to the same minimalist style, with a creamy white sofa, a large bookcase filled with books, music and collectibles as well as indoor plants for a touch of greenery. The same expansive windows in the living room also creates a spacious feeling.

Forgave Husband for Cheating

While Kathy often shares updates of herself and her husband on social media, things have not always been rosy for the couple. In early 2020, Kathy’s husband was spotted kissing and hugging a woman, with the two later leaving together in a car.

When probed for comment, Kathy responded with a curt “Don’t ask me!” initially, and only addressed the matter 10 days later on social media. Thanking everyone for their concern, she wrote, “The two of us still believe ‘love’ can change the relationship between one another, and love is the source strength to solve problems!” Adding that she will continue to work hard for the family, Kathy chose to forgive Julien and sustain their marriage.

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This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

Kathy Chow Forgives Husband’s Cheating

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