Inside Hyun Bin’s New Home

Last month, it was rumored that  Hyun Bin bought a new home in preparation for marriage with his Crash Falling on You co-star and girlfriend, Son Ye Jin. The luxurious penthouse is in Guri-si, Gyeonggi. Hyun Bin’s company has since refuted claims that his move was related to marriage, but the speculations continue as the penthouse is seen as perfect love nest for the couple.

Hyun Bin had moved into the 2600-square-foot penthouse unit in the Walkerhill Podo Ville housing estate in December 2020. The location is also very convenient and has attracted many artistes to buy homes there, thus increasing its market value.

The $4-million-dollar home is elegant in design, featuring a rooftop garden, large open spaces, and large floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights while maintaining a very high level of privacy.  Listing photos show the modern home has a sleek kitchen, and master bedroom with large walk-in closet.

Source: HK01

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    1. @hetieshou The best feature is the rooftop garden. I love the huge windows and the amount of light in the home. The stone columns in the kitchen area are questionable though, they don’t blend well with the modern decor.

      1. @potatochip Hopefully, those stone columns are gone now! The photos are from the listing last year, so some of the interior aesthetics are likely different now, but the layout of the home would be the same.

      2. @jayne
        I must also add that I love Carina Lau’s homes out of all the celebrities’ homes. She truly has good taste or hires good interior designers.

      3. @jayne
        Oh yes that was a nice touch but it still looks like a hotel or resort type not an actual home. The stone columns are truly out of place and make it even less homely looking.

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