Son Ye Jin Accompanies Hyun Bin on Trip to Japan

Since welcoming the birth of her son in December 2022, Son Ye Jin has been enjoying motherhood and taking care of her family. Meanwhile, Hyun Bin has remained busy with work obligations. Due to the couple’s constant separation, divorce rumors began circulating in recent months. Despite their management agency denying the rumors, the divorce speculations continued.

The rumor mill quelled when Son Ye Jin shared a new photo from the couple’s wedding to commemorate their first wedding anniversary in March. In addition, Son Ye Jin was recently spotted accompanying Hyun Bin to Japan for work. The couple also brought their son along to make the most of their family time in Japan.

The couple was seen wearing matching white-and-black outfits. Although the photo of the couple taken by a fan only showed their backs, netizens noted that Son Ye Jin’s figure is quite slim and is recovering from childbirth well.

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