Son Ye Jin Rumored to Be Pregnant

From their first days of dating through marriage, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s romance has been followed closely. The couple held their fairytale wedding at the end of March and spent most of April in the United States on their honeymoon. Now back in South Korea, Ye Jin is rumored to be already pregnant.

Updating her Instagram frequently, Ye Jin shared a photo of herself taking a short break from walking with her beloved dog by the water. In the photo, she wore a straw hat with her hair down and a loose fitting white dress.

Netizens could only focus on Ye Jin’s belly, and noted that it seemed to be protruding and suspected that she might be pregnant! Many felt it was great news if it were true, while others wondered if Hyun Bin had just taken the photos in an unflattering angle.

Ye Jin’s management company MSTeam seemed to be surprised and nervous about the rumors, carefully replying that they are “unable to confirm anything related to their artistes’ personal matters.”

Source: World Journal

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  1. If she has yet to pass the first trimester or pregnancy yet to be confirmed as stable, its usually not advisable to say anything to either confirm/deny.
    This old superstition may be widely known by older generation in Asia though I’m not sure it’s the same elsewhere.
    People should be respectful and not ask. Just wait for announcement made or witness the baby bump if the lady is truly pregnant.

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