Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Spend Honeymoon in the United States

After holding their lavish wedding on March 31, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin flew to United States for their honeymoon. As their itinerary was leaked, the couple was surrounded by fans and the media at the airport in Los Angeles.

Leaving behind their assistants, Hyun Bin and Ye Jin obviously did not anticipate the crowded reception at the airport. Nevertheless, the couple received the crowd cordially and Ye Jin answered reporter questions with a big smile.

The couple is believed to spend a few days in Los Angeles, before flying to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

Yesterday, their agencies shared additional photos from the wedding ceremony. Ye Jin wore several beautiful bridal gowns for her wedding, including an ethereal lacy green chiffon dress. The venue was decorated with an abundance of multi-colored roses.

Netizens praised the beautiful photos and expressed that they were at a loss for words, as the photos surpassed the level of beauty from even idol dramas!

Source: World Journal

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I hope they do get a enjoyable and private honeymoon at some point… It is their honeymoon…honestly these fans should just give them their personal space.

  2. I don’t understand fans who do this. Don’t your want your idol to be happy/enjoy their life? They obviously are trying to have a low key honeymoon, and want some private time. Respect their wishes.

  3. Whilst I sympathise and agree that they should be left in peace for their honeymoon. But, I find it strange they decided USA /LA to be their honeymoon destination. It must hold special memories for them. They are 2 of the most well known Korean celebrities who have just tied the knot. Biggest news story at the moment. Pretty understandable that people will be interested in seeing them and taking pictures of them.

    My suggestion? Catch a late night flight, not arrive when it’s busiest and there are so many people going about. Alternatively, go to a smaller, quieter, more private location for your honeymoon. Just saying…

  4. I blame the car service. There should have been someone waiting for them inside the airport and a car ready for them as soon as they arrive.

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