Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s Sweet Marriage

The envy of many, Korean celebrity couple and Hallyu stars Hyun Bin and Song Yejin enjoy golfing, their common pastime together. Appearing as a guest on an episode of Youtube golf channel Lim Jin Han Class after a 2-year hiatus, Son Yejin told the host and professional golf player Lim Jin Han, “You praise him too much!”

Chatting about golf on the YouTube talkshow, the 41-year-old said that she has less time to golf after marriage and motherhood, but still requested her husband to coach her before going on the program.

Complimenting Hyun Bin on his skills, she remarked, “Before the show I kept dragging Hyun Bin along so he could coach me, seeing his poses and tee-offs makes me think that he can almost be a pro player,” Sharing that Hyun Bin has coached her on her mistakes and also given her ample suggestions while practising along, the host prompted, “At your wedding, all the male guests were like ‘Hyun Bin is so lucky to (marry Son Yejin)’, and all the female guests were like ‘Son Yejin is so lucky (to marry) Hyun Bin’” At this, the actress responded laughingly, “Aren’t I more worth it?”, hinting that the luckier party is her husband!

Responding to the host who sang Hyun Bin’s praises for being “kind and perfect”, Son Yejin laughed and shared, “Is that a little too much! I admit that he’s kind, I kept asking him to come on your show but he’s a perfectionist and wanted to train to get even better before coming here to exchange pointers with you, I think he’ll never be able to (get here)”.

Source: WorldJournal

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