Why Kathy Chow Decided Not to Have Children

Former TVB actress Kathy Chow (周海媚), 57, shockingly passed away on December 11. Battling an autoimmune illness for years, Kathy was still working days before her death. It was said she had fainted at home and already stopped breathing before the ambulance arrived.

With a noble lineage that can be traced to one of the prominent Manchu clans from the Qing dynasty, Kathy was a mesmerizing beauty. Joining Miss Hong Kong 1985 when she was only 19 years old, she became heavily promoted by TVB.

When she was only 21 years old, Kathy secretly registered for marriage with Ray Lui (呂良偉). However, their marriage was short lived and they broke up several months later. It was said they fought frequently after living together and Ray felt it was better for them to break up since Kathy was “still so young and beautiful, she should find her Prince Charming.”

Although never short of suitors, Kathy’s love life remained bumpy. She dated an architect for 12 years, but they eventually split up due to Kathy’s ambition with her career.

In a former interview, Kathy once revealed the reasons behind not getting married again or having children.  A natural free-spirit, Kathy exclaimed, “If I can’t even wear what I want without being controlled, then I can’t do it!”

Besides her fierce, independent spirit, Kathy also revealed she had a low platelet count which makes it easier to bruise and bleed than usual. Pregnancy would be high risk. Before dating someone, Kathy would always be up front about her health condition so the person could decide if they still want to continue the relationship.

Although Kathy was not survived by any children, the actress was an eternal goddess and left behind beautiful memories for drama lovers.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

Kathy Chow Passes Away at Age of 57

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  1. I feel the HK-entertainment industry is a really hard and dirty industry in those days, more so then now. The top actress who stayed long term in this industry must have a determined and iron clad inner strength to continue doing what they enjoy. These women are clearly independent , career driven and they will not be caged or compromised easily. She is very wise not to marry and have kids as she knows what is best for her.
    I will miss her alot. There are very few truly graceful and pose actress in HK/China…Liu Shishi is another. I will miss Kathy Chow and her warm smile.

  2. Kathy realised very early on that she did not want to be in a marriage which gave her a lack of freedom though some others back then wanted to marry and start a family. She got into entertainment industry very young and pretty much lived the life she wanted by choice till the very end.

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