10 Celebrities Who Forgave Their Partners for Cheating

When Show Lo (羅志祥) cheated repeatedly in their nine-year relationship, social influencer Grace Chow (周揚青) decided the sweetest revenge was to expose his true colors. Although cheating in celebrity relationships is common, below are 10 artistes who chose to forgive their partners and give their relationships a second chance.

Kathy Chow and Julien Lepeu

Married for seven years, model Kathy Chow (周汶錡) and French businessman Julien Lepeu often share their happy family photos with their two sons, Jacques and Avner, on social media. In March, Julien was photographed kissing another woman passionately. Initially shocked when confronted by the paparazzi, Kathy later announced forgiving her husband on Facebook.

Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui

In April 2019, Andy Hui (許志安) was caught kissing Jacqueline Wong  (黃心穎) in a taxi. Many fans were concerned how Andy’s wife, Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文), would respond and whether this would upset her mental health.

Due to her Christian faith, Sammi decided to forgive Andy three days after his cheating was exposed. Though many fans were shocked by how quickly Sammi made her decision, she found inspiration in the Bible, “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.”

Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam

Though Kenix Kwok  (郭可盈) and Frankie Lam (林文龍) often come across as a happy family of three, some may recall that Frankie had cheated in their marriage in 2009 when he became involved with Chinese actress, Vicki Dong (董维嘉). Frankie was at an unhappy point in his marriage due to financial stress. The tabloids revealed audio clips of a conversation with Kenix and her manager regarding the scandal, in which Frankie later apologized for his mistake publicly.

Vivian Chow and Joe Nieh

There were a lot of rumors of Joe Nieh (倪震) cheating throughout the years, but that didn’t stop Vivian Chow (周慧敏) from marrying him. In 2008, Joe was seen at the bar kissing university student, Miffty Cheung  (張茆). Though the scandal took place, Vivian forgave Joe and the two got married. Vivian reveals her marital beliefs, “In my heart, my husband is more important than myself!” and would look to Joe to guide all her decisions.

Wong Wai Po and Michael Tao

Michael Tao (陶大宇) and Wong Wai Po (黃慧寶) dated for over 10 years before getting married in 2000. In 2006, Michael was linked with Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮) and he suddenly announced his divorce the following year. Michael’s good husband image was immediately ruined. However, he later reconciled with his ex-wife and though they did not re-register for marriage, they continue to live together as a couple.

Lisa Jiang and Benny Chan

Known for his flirtatious nature, Benny Chan (陳浩民) is married to Chinese model Lisa Jiang (蔣麗莎) with four children. In 2011, he was caught kissing and fondling Rose Chan (陳嘉桓), who was only 18 years old then. Benny opened a press conference to apologize to his wife, who was pregnant at the time. In 2014, he was again spotted behaving intimately with a long-haired young woman.

Karen Cheung and Joe Ma

Knowing each other since they were 12 years old, Joe Ma (馬德鐘) and Karen Cheung (張筱籣) have been married for 27 years. In 2006, Joe was caught cheating in their marriage, when he was spotted taking a vacation with another woman in Thailand. His wife thought about divorcing him, but she chose forgiveness as they have so much shared history together.

In 2011, Joe was also present during Rose Chan’s harassment scandal, as he watched on laughingly while Benny Chan fondled the actress.

Joe’s “mistakes” led Karen to scale back on her academic career to spend more time with him, as well as raise their son, Ma Xiang (馬在驤). Forgiving the past so their marriage can continue to move forward, Karen said, “I’m grateful to have you by my side. Life is about living today better than yesterday.”

Yoyo Chen and Vincent Wong

While dating Yoyo Chen (‎陳自瑤), Vincent Wong (王浩信) had reportedly cheated with model Cammi Tse (謝芷蕙), who was at his house for over five hours. Vincent received negative press for the incident, but Yoyo chose to trust him. Though they are now married with a daughter, Vincent is often linked with his female co-stars. There are still rumors of marital conflict between the couple, who is believed to lead separate lives.

Christine Ng and Kasey Lin

Before marrying advertising executive Kasey Lin (练海棠), Christine Ng (伍詠薇) had an affair with a married man. Realizing she was breaking up another couple’s marriage, Christine ended the affair.

Perhaps this is why Christine was very understanding when Kasey was caught acting intimately with another woman in 2016, and she chose to reflect on what was wrong in their marriage instead. Christine said the blame couldn’t solely be placed on her husband. The two remain happily married for 20 years now.

Penny Chiang and David Tao

Singer-songwriter David Tao (陶喆) has also been caught cheating in the past. In 2015, he went behind  Penny Chiang’s (江姵蓉) back with Yeung Ziqing (楊子晴), in which the two were seen at a hotel together. David admitted to his affair and apologized to his wife.

Angelica Lee and Oxide Pang

Though married to award-winning actress Angelica Lee (李心潔), director Oxide Pang (彭順) cheated on her with model Liddy Li (李悅彤) in 2014. Due to her Buddhist beliefs, Angelica believes her husband deserves a second chance. Angelica explained her reasons, “There are ups and downs in life. As long as you consider these setbacks as opportunities for learning, you will then know how to cherish every encounter.”

Source: HK01

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. you could either forgive and move on or call it quits for good. is there another listing of other couple who have called it quits?

    1. @m0m0 Here are some couples off the top of my head who ended their relationship due to cheating:

      Athena Chu and Stephen Chow
      Joyce Tang and Marco Ngai (cheated with Cheung Lai Wah)
      Sonija Kwok and Deric Wan (he was still married to ex-wife)
      Maggie Shiu and Ekin Cheng (cheated with Gigi Leung)
      Joel Chan and ex-wife (Joel cheated with Florinda Ho)
      Laurinda Ho and Kenji Wu
      Chrissie Chau and Avis Chan
      Kandy Wong and Dominic Ho
      Tiffany Hsu and Ethan Ruan
      Viann Zhang and Ron Ng
      Gregory Lee and Shirley Yeung (cheated with Andy Ng)
      Nicky Wu and ex-wife Ma Yashu
      Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu (with PG One)

      Maybe Cheating list:

      Raymond Lam and Karena Ng (??)- Timeline when Karena met her new bf seemed to cross

      Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong (??)- Although Myolie never directly said Bosco cheated, she never clearly denied it either. Their breakup was so sudden, and she was very sad…leaves a lot to the imagination

      Leon Lai and Gaile Lok (??) – could have been timing, but they announced divorce after photos of Gaile on her lover’s bed surfaced

      Kathy Chow and Ray Lui (??)- they were secretly married, and there were rumors that Kathy fell for Leon Lai, which was the reason why her marriage with Ray ended

      The list for couples who broke up because of cheating is a lot longer than the “forgiven” list.

      1. @jayne

        Good list and I think with Bosco and Myolie it was not cheating but maybe he flirted a lot and Myoile did not like it. If he did cheat, then why would she still consider him as a friend and invite him to her wedding? Honestly, I doubt anyone regardless of how nice they are would invite their former boyfriend/girlfriend to their wedding if they cheated on them. Relationships that end due to cheating generally never end well.,.

      2. @hetieshou
        I really loved Boscolie together; I was hoping they would get married. In the last two years of their relationship, Myolie seemed to have wanted marriage. She rented an apartment in the same building as Bosco so they can spend more time together, but still give him space.

        In 2011 when she won the TVB Best Actress award, she announced their relationship publicly. In subsequent interviews, she spoke about how Bosco had changed her as a person for the better.

        Myolie’s actions seemed to show that she was ready to take Bosco on as her marriage partner, but he didn’t seem ready to do so yet.

        Then came their sudden breakup. At the time, some tabloids ran stories of how Bosco got drunk one night and had a fling. These rumors were very damaging for Bosco, but they were never directly addressed. I hope it’s not true…

        Bosco also seemed very unhappy after breaking up with Myolie and hasn’t been able to sustain a long-term relationship afterward.

      3. @jayne I had also hoped they end up together but since Bosco never seems to grow up I’m happy Myolie found another and is now a happy mother and wife. Hope her choice is right and the marriage last so Bosco can eat his heart out for not appreciating what he had.

      4. @bizzybody
        We honestly do not know what happened so it is not right to blame it all on Bosco. Myolie has moved on but whether her marriage lasts or not, time will tell. It is not right to make ill wishes towards Bosco either. Maybe Bosco will eventually find someone better and more suitable for him one day hopefully.

      5. @bizzybody From Philip Lee’s Instagram posts, he seems to be a good husband and dad. Love the various posts he has dedicated to Myolie; they really show how appreciative he is to have her. I’m really happy for her.

      6. @jayne
        I loved them together too but sadly maybe they just did not have the romantic fate to be together. I felt Bosco loved Myolie very much but maybe he was not ready for marriage yet. Timing and sharing the same goals is so important. You are right that after his relationship with Myolie, he was not able to have any long term relationship. However, Myolie has moved on and has found happiness so I hope Bosco does too.

      7. @jayne You forgot the most outstanding celebrities.

        Jackie Chan and his wife.(He cheated with Ellen Ng)

        Anthony Wong and his wife. He has a son from another woman.

      8. @mysterym2m Yes Jackie Chan and Anthony Wong also cheated on their wives. But despite Anthony’s mistake, at least he seems to be a responsible father and provided financially for his son and ex-girlfriend.

      9. @jayne wow didn’t notice Kathy Chow and Ray got married in secretly. Didn’t Ray dated the singer Cally Kwong also I wonder what happened?

      10. @cutie777 Ray got married with Kathy first, then Cally. Both marriages lasted one year before they ended in divorce. I don’t remember the reasons behind his divorce with Cally, but the split seems amicable.

      11. @potatochip Looking back now, it’s easy to see that Jacqueline had used Kenneth to climb up the ranks of TVB faster. If she wasn’t dating Kenneth, the media wouldn’t have paid her as much attention.

        Most cheaters get found out sooner or later, so it’s a good thing Kenneth saw her for what she is, so he can move on to someone more suitable for him.

      12. @jayne There’s also Kong Wah and Connie Mak — after Kong Wah’s affair with Sheren Tang back in the 90s, Connie chose to forgive him and move on together as a family (they’ve now been married 28 years with 2 grown children). A few years back, Connie did a radio interview where she talked about why she decided to forgive her husband back then and it turns out her decision was correct.

      13. I think many woman who are married with children decide to forgive their husbands for cheating, because of their shared relationship history together. For the sake of their children, they want to see if they can fix their marital problems.

      14. @jayne Very true….the children definitely play a role, though with Connie, I also like what she said about how outsiders usually will only see that 1 mistake and condemn the person who cheated as a “bad” person for life, but they fail to see all the “good” that the person has done (whether for the family or otherwise), which only the person who knows them most intimately will have knowledge of. We can all sit here and judge whether the person made the right decision to take their partner back, but at the end of the day, we’re not the ones dealing with the situation firsthand and aren’t privy to all the factors involved….right or wrong, the decision is the person’s alone to make and only time will tell whether that decision was the correct one…

      15. @llwy12 Extremely unrelated. I am doing research on TVB and since you are the resident expert of HK media (past and present), can you please direct me to where I can find ratings of TVB drams pre-2003? Thank you.

      16. @klmtmt Your best bet is probably Wikipedia (though of course with the caveat that there’s no guarantee the info is 100% accurate, since we all know that’s a platform that anyone with access to internet can update). Also keep in mind that the ratings were calculated very differently back in the 80s and 90s eras, so it’s pretty much impossible to compare how well those series did ratings-wise versus post-2000 series (it’s like comparing apples to bananas). If you’re interested in a ratings comparison, I would recommend looking at it separately by decade, as that’s unfortunately as close to “decent” in terms of accuracy that you’re going to get. Also, don’t believe any of the lists out there that claim to countdown the highest / lowest rated TVB series “of all time” (meaning “spanning TVB’s entire 53 year history”) because there is actually no such thing (like I said earlier, ratings were calculated differently back then, plus most of the ratings records from that far back hasn’t been accessible for decades)…even TVB themselves wouldn’t be able to come up with such a list, to be honest.

        Here are the Wikipedia links to TVBs series ratings that I stumbled across awhile back ago (separated out by decade starting with the pre-1990s). Again, take this information with a grain of salt, as I have NOT personally vetted any of the ratings information in here and so absolutely CANNOT vouch for its accuracy (though I will say that I did do a quick glance through the info several years ago and at that time, I noticed that a ton of series, especially from the pre-90s and 90s eras, were actually missing – not sure if they were added back in over the years, but that alone makes the entire list not credible in my book).

        Good luck! 🙂

        Pre-1990s: https://zh.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/无线电视剧收视列表_(1992年以前%2B外购剧集)

        1990s: https://zh.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/無綫電視劇集收視列表_(1990年代)

        2000s: https://zh.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/無綫電視劇集收視列表_(2000年代)

        2010s: https://zh.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/無綫電視劇集收視列表_(2010年代)

      17. @llwy12 Thank you for the detailed reply. Unfortunately, I cannot read Chinese, and I agree with you on the point that Wikipedia may not be the most accurate source for ratings.

        I’ve tried other avenues (academia, annual reports, and secondary sources), and they seem hard to find, even though ratings are commonly available in other regions of the world.

  2. I’d be so upset if Vincent Wong did cheat on Yoyo with Cammi. Or if he did cheat in general.

  3. Oh boy!! This one takes the cake ” Vivian reveals her marital beliefs, “In my heart, my husband is more important than myself!” ” WOW!!! Holy!! And I would be shocked at the Vincent Wong too. The other ones were also equally eye opening. lol haha

    1. @wm2017
      I find nothing wrong with what Vivian said and admire her for that. I find many women and men these days take their spouse for granted so it is rare to have a husband or wife treasure their spouse that much. Joe is lucky to have Vivian and hope he treasures her or else he will regret it.

      1. @hetieshou if a husband said his wife is more than his life, i would find that very sweet. however, if a husband said his wife is more important than his life AFTER she cheated on him, I would think he’s an idiot with a very low sense of self-esteem.

  4. Isn’t it Cammi used to be with Edison Chen when she’s in her teenage year? I think Catherine Hung and Andy Zhang are missing here. For Vivian Chow I don’t know what she’s thinking must loosing her mind or something.

    1. @cutie777
      Well Vivian is an only child and lost her father before she was even born. She then lost her mom a few years ago too so she has no immediate family members left. Therefore, her husband is in a sense her only family now.

      1. @hetieshou ahh no wonder. vivian with her daddy issues will cling to problematic men in her life for a sense of security, which she never had as a child. poor girl.

      2. @coralie I do hope her husband does not repeat it again. Vivian (and the rest of those women being cheated on) used to be the dream girl of many men and to think that even her husband would cheat on her boggles the mind.
        Probably the husband is jealous of the attention their beautiful wives are getting and when some home-wrecker pay a little attention to feed their male ego, they will just succumb to temptation.

      3. @bizzybody at the very least she did put up a fight initially before they almost broke up before. without some strong couples’ counseling, it is possible for him to do it again. gratitude and relief over a fixed relationship doesn’t help a relationship last forever. constantly working at a relationship does.

      4. @bizzybody it seems that no matter how much of a goddess a woman is, there’s some scuzzy guy who’s ready to cheat on her. Another example not on this list — Brigitte Lin and her ugly but mega rich husband.

      5. @coralie
        Well she did have an uncle that was like a father figure to her but maybe lacking a father truly did affect her. I feel bad for her since map no one can really replace your father.

      6. @hetieshou sorry about her parents didn’t know they’re gone this fast. Well understand that her husband is the only family members she’s got so far but I’m sure she’s got some good relatives and friends who’s closed to her I’m sure she’s not alone out there. It would be nice to see her act again but I doubt it. I really like one her tvb dramas the one with Sunny Chan, Patrick Tam and Fiona Leung in it I think it’s called A Stage Of Turbulence?

  5. Out of those couple the French guy is mostly likely to cheat again. Also Vincent Yo-yo shouldn’t be on the list. They are leading a fake marriage now anyway so it doesn’t qualify as forgiving a cheat. There is a mutual understanding between them…

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