Yoyo Chen Posts Divorce Quotes

With TVB’s marital drama Happily Ever After? <婚後事> currently broadcasting, Yoyo Chen‘s (陳自瑤) bold performance captured everyone’s attention. The drama explored emotional and physical cheating, told from multi-perspectives of its main characters which added to the layered storytelling. Due to the theme of the drama, many wondered about the current status of Yoyo’s marriage with Vincent Wong (王浩信).

Promoting Happily Ever After?, Yoyo wrote several quotes from her character’s perspective advocating for divorce: “No matter what, I will get divorced. So what if we ruin each other?” and “Even if I love that person, I shouldn’t lose myself.” While fans understood Yoyo’s quotes were to promote her new drama, many also inevitably drew parallels to her real-life marriage.

Divorce Signs?

Married for 13 years, Vincent and Yoyo’s relations seem to have visibly cooled. Purchasing his first home in 2018 for $33 million Hong Kong dollars, Vincent shockingly left Yoyo’s name off the property title. When he won TVB Best Actor for the second time in 2020, Yoyo looked unenthusiastic even though Vincent thanked her in his acceptance speech. Yoyo also deleted all photos of Vincent off her Instagram and the couple rarely took photos together. Despite these speculations, the couple denied divorce rumors.

Vincent Wong Spends Holiday By Himself

Leaving TVB, Vincent is spending increasingly more time in China. Earlier for Chinese Lantern Festival, Vincent was seen spending the holiday by himself. He had uploaded a photo of himself with a bowl of sweet glutinous rice balls. In the photo, the window glass reflection showed Vincent had taken the selfie by himself. Although Vincent did mention spending Valentine’s Day with his daughter, he and Yoyo seemed to have stopped celebrating major holidays together and continued to lead separate lives.

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