Vincent Wong Felt Stressed Due to Lack of Career Direction

Born in Xinjiang, Vincent Wong (王浩信) grew up in Hong Kong. After winning TVB Best Actor twice and filming several Shaw Brothers’ dramas, Vincent is currently focusing on growing his career in China. In a recent interview, Vincent opened up about his initial stress due to lack of career direction.

Having won the Best Actor award twice for his role in Legal Mavericks <踩過界> and its sequel Legal Mavericks 2020 <踩過界 II>, Vincent was bombarded with stress. He recalled, “I felt so lost during that period of time. I used to think that winning an award meant I’ll finally be able to prove myself. In reality, I just couldn’t stop thinking about my life goals and what my next objective should be.”

Vincent snapped out of that mentality and realized there was no use in being anxious about the future. He made it his goal to act well and to give the best performances he could. Shortly afterward, Vincent began participating in more Mainland Chinese variety programs and grew his recognition levels.

Recalling on how fate took him down the path of acting, Vincent explained his childhood dream was never to become an actor. He loved drawing and art. Since Vincent grew up listening to the Four Heavenly Kings, he grew to love music and acting and even signed up for the youth acting class program at TVB. When he was 20, Vincent kickstarted his music career. Transitioning from singing to acting, Vincent proved himself with supporting roles before fully unleashing his acting talent in leading roles. Vincent’s hard work through the years finally paid off when he won the Best Actor award twice.

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