Vincent Wong Has Been Working in China for One Year

Traveling to China earlier for filming obligations for the Justice Sung (狀王之王) remake, Vincent Wong (王浩信) continued to reside in China for work and has been apart from his family for one year.

As with many Hong Kong artistes, Vincent participated in Chinese variety shows to increase his popularity and chase the money-making Chinese market. He most recently appeared on the tenth episode of the Chinese variety show, Now Playing Improv Comedy <開播!情景喜劇> along with Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍), Owen Cheung (張振朗), and Samantha Ko (高海寧),

Vincent also took part in popular improv sitcom, Sisterhood (家有姐妹), as a special guest. Because he previously shaved his head for filming of Justice Sung, Vincent had to wear a wig for his performance in Sisterhood. To enhance the believability of his performance, Vincent opted to speak Mandarin in the show instead of using dubbing. He expressed, “When I chose to participate, I wanted to try acting in Mandarin and challenge myself. The director of the series is the same person as the previous variety show I took part in. He and his editorial team primarily film comedies and asked if I was interested. I love to film comedies and felt that it was a fun character to portray, so I wanted to try it.”

Despite the slew of opportunities and exposure in China, he is missing his family after being away from home for nearly a year. Wrapping up his current projects, Vincent hopes to return to Hong Kong to celebrate the Lunar New Year with loved ones.

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Vincent Wong to Star in “Justice Sung” Remake

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