Yoyo Chen on Infidelity in Marriage

After its first week of broadcast, Happy Ever After? <婚後事> has been receiving much attention due to its intricate storyline about the complexities of marriage. In a heated argument scene, Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) and Him Law (羅子溢) screamed for divorce. Earning critical praise for her acting, Yoyo shared her thoughts on the drama and infidelity in marriage.

While Happy Ever After? is popular among Hong Kong and Chinese viewers, Yoyo had different thoughts prior to its broadcast. She said, “I waited a long time for the drama to air. Prior to the premiere, I was worried and anxious – I didn’t know if the viewers would like it or not.” Reading online reactions every night, Yoyo said, “Even though I’m not able to respond to each and every comment, I really want to thank everyone for their support. I feel really touched after reading about everyone’s personal stories. I’m so happy to have brought out a character who resonates with everyone so much.”

When asked how would she deal with a partner cheating in real life, Yoyo expressed, “This question is very tough to answer. There are too many different situations and things going on that it’s not easy to answer.” Asked what if the situation were similar to Happy Ever After?, Yoyo said, When you look at Cheung Ming Sum – she takes extreme measures because she’s been hurt over and over. That’s why she ends up so hysterical and extreme.”

Asked if she would become as desperate and crazy as her character in Happy Ever After?, Yoyo said, “I would be hurt but I would be logical when dealing with a situation that could potentially end in a divorce. I would ask myself if I’m the problem first and whether I had done enough. Can the problem be solved? If both parties have tried and a solution still can’t be reached, then it can’t be helped…. If one person wants to change and the other doesn’t, then it can’t be resolved.”

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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