Yoyo Chen’s “Crazed” Acting Gets Rave Reviews

Premiering this week, Happy Ever After <婚後事> explores the complexities of married life. In the first episode, Emma (Yoyo Chen 陳自瑤) discovers Tim (Him Law’s 羅子溢) infidelity and explodes in shock and rage.

The story flashes back to the earlier days of the couple’s happy marriage when Emma and her daughter would make a cake every year to celebrate Tim’s birthday. However, in the present day, the couple’s relationship is in tatters. Aside from being debt ridden thanks to Tim’s selfish father, Yoyo suspects Tim is having an affair. In hopes of winning custody of their daughter, Yoyo begins taking great measures to prove that she’s worthy, including using extreme methods and schemes against her husband.

Transforming into a “crazy housewife” who is bent on winning custody of her daughter, Yoyo neglects her appearance and has a very unkempt appearance. After discovering Him’s affair, Yoyo begins writing a short novel that mirrors her life with a cheating husband.

Yoyo’s explosive performance is lighting up online discussions. Viewers love her “crazed” reaction after discovering her husband’s infidelity and see her acting as Best Actress caliber.

Dropping his naturally youthful presence, Him’s acting is more mature in playing his fatherly role. Even in scenes where Tim is pushed to the brink of depression, his expressions and emotions are very well done.

Happy Ever After was released nearly two years after its filming. Watching the drama with his family at home, Him commented on social media, “This is the first time where I’m pushing my limits! I’m so thankful for my wife and my kids. As a dad, I was really able to get into my character and understand the role. It’s been two years, but Poon Sin Yan can finally show his face to the world. I hope viewers can now see a different side of Him Law.”

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I used to think she was OTT but zoom in. She is the breadwinner so has not had as much time with her daughter as her husband—Him’s character. Because of her work schedule, she’s physically tired. Him’s father caused Yoyo to be in debt-financially tired. Him’s cheating has caused Yoyo to be distressed—emotionally tired and hurt. And the fact that Him’s character lied about that he stopped cheating and found a lawyer to attack Yoyo for not being a good Mom takes her over the edge—physically, financially, and emotionally burnt out right?

  2. I don’t think that Yoyo’s character is over reacting in the storyline, but Yoyo’s delivery seemed so contrived and so obvious she was “acting”. I’m actually surprised that I felt Him was the better actor bringing out the emotions for that confrontational scene. Also, this whole situation hits a little close to home for me. My mom and dad were in a similar situation.

    1. I am so sorry to hear you are experiencing something similar. Often, life can give us layers of situations that is just hard to deal with. Watching this drama is not easy… I too find Him portraying his rule very well.

      1. @Hohliu thank you for your kind words. I am all grown up and like to think I’ve grown up fairly well despite the tense environment I grew up in. Like the little girl, my father also cheated on my mother, and my mother became a very angry, irritable, and unreasonable person. She was always the more strict one, but definitely got worse over time. My father was also the one who spent more time and was more warm to me, so despite the fact that he was the one who cheated, I have a soft spot for him. I am married now to my husband, who had a very different upbringing than me. He’s always surprised when I say I can’t recall any happy childhood memories. I’ve witnessed a cheating couple scream and yell at each other, and it is definitely a bit more intense than the current portrayal. But then again, every person/couple is different.

    2. I also think while the scene wasn’t bad it didn’t seem natural. I imagine real life cheating arguments would be even more intense than obvious subdued screaming and and bodily movements

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