Yoyo Chen Thanks Behind-the-Scenes Crew for Success of “Happy Ever After?”

After years of supporting roles, Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) gave a breakout performance in 2020’s Life After Death (那些我愛過的人). For the role, she was nominated for Best Supporting actress and Most Popular Female Character awards. Although she did not win either award, Yoyo’s popularity began to steadily climb. She gained further acclaim after her standout performance in reality competition show, Dub of War (好聲好戲), and finally pocketed her first award as Best Supporting Actress in 2021 for her role in Plan B (寶寶大過天). Success continues to follow Yoyo, as she once again pushed her career to higher peaks this year.

Yoyo finally landed her first lead role in Happy Ever After? (婚後事) starring opposite Him Law (羅子溢). Although the drama completed filming in 2022, the series finally aired on February 26, 2024. In the first five episodes, Yoyo’s performance was gripping as an equal-parts angry, desperate, and broken-hearted wife and mother.

Thanking her colleagues for being the backbone to the success of the drama, Yoyo showed up at the TVB Media Platform office to surprise her coworkers. A video showcasing Yoyo’s surprise visit was uploaded online. In the video, Yoyo was seen handing out snacks and chatting with her coworkers. The behind-the-scenes staff was pleased to see Yoyo and many praised her for being nice and pleasant. The staff who posted the video commented, “Yoyo came around the office today! It was a great employee benefit and I felt so happy! I got to see her up close. Yoyo was very nice and funny.”

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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