Raymond and Charmaine in “Modern Dynasty 2” Finale

Airing its final episode on June 20, Thursday, Modern Dynasty 2 <家族榮耀之繼承者> sees Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Raymond Lam (林峯) and others teaming up together to set a trap to bring Him Law (羅子溢) to justice for his heinous murdering his non-biological father, Gallen Lo (羅嘉良). Worried mad, Him rushes back to the Qiu family mansion to retrieve his murder weapon, where he is nabbed by police lying in wait.

Villainous Him Law Makes Failed Escape

On the way to the police station, he gets a chance to slip away due to an accident on the roads. Bringing Betsy Cheung (張鳳妮) and Venus Wong (王敏奕) along hoping to leave Hong Kong and start afresh, his plans are once again thwarted by Raymond and Charmaine, who intercept halfway. Eager to escape, Him holds Charmaine hostage, but a wayward vehicle crashes right into him and Raymond Wong (黃浩然) unexpectedly, the collision hurling them in mid-air. Him becomes unconscious as a result.

The drama shows Gallen’s funeral being a closed-door affair, with Betsy and Venus paying their final respects. Raymond Lam also puts down his regrets for Hugo Wong‘s (吳岱融) death, heading to Southeast Asia to involve in voluntary education work. He tells Charmaine not to send him off in an old-fashioned matter when he leaves, but secretly wishes that she would turn up. On the day of his departure, he constantly peers back every few steps hoping to spot Charmaine, who has turned up to send him Raymond off without his knowledge, and sees him enter the aircraft boarding area.

A year later, Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) bumps into Raymond Lam in Singapore where the latter is based, and gives him an update on everyone. Deliberately informing him about Charmaine’s latest whereabouts only after everyone else, Jeannie reveals that she is due to tie the knot with Raymond Wong.

Hearing this, Raymond decides to stop harboring hopes for their relationship. While Charmaine appears to excitedly prepare for her upcoming wedding, she still pines for Raymond Lam in her heart. On their big day, and Charmaine and Raymond Wong have already said their vows, saying “I do” to the other, but just as they are about to exchange wedding bands, Raymond Lam barges into the church…leaving an ending that hints at a third instalment.






Source: HK01

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  1. Charmaine, stick with Raymond Wong! He’s faithful, kind, generous, accomplished, so patient (he never once rushed you to be with him), and not to mention, well to do! He knew what he wanted, and held strong to his decision, he stuck by you, always, when the going got tough. Don’t do the impulsive thing and do what they do in TVB dramas! Oh wait, this is a TVB drama…