Venus Wong Reveals Cause of Astigmatism

Attending a vision awareness publicity outreach by Orbis International recently, actress Venus Wong (王敏奕) attracted fans to the venue at Tseung Kwan O, where she spoke on recent updates.

Has to Put on Astig Glasses While Driving

Sharing about her personal situation, Venus said that she had been exposed to camera lights since young as a model, and suspect that the frequent exposure to glares might be the cause behind her astigmatism; now she has to wear glasses while driving. Expressing her interest in diving into charity efforts, Venus said that she “was not afraid of hardship”, after hearing good friend Kandy Wong (糖妹) share her inspiring experience of helping to build houses for charity.

While she is awaiting plans for filming to start for Queen of News 2 <新聞女王2>, she also has another project on hand. Currently on hiatus for a few months, she would be heading to England to help supervise and help as her 16-year-old twin brother prepares for his exams. She also revealed that she has been supporting her brother’s academic pursuits financially.

“I haven’t been to any place at all over there, I’m solely focused on doing household chores and cooking,” shared the “best sister in the world”. Asked if it puts her off having her own kids, Venus said that she’s already doing so much for her brother, and wouldn’t want to ponder further about her own plans!

Stating that men have similar tastes, Venus spilled that both her brother and husband Kwok Cheung Tsang (曾國祥) love eating meat, whereas she herself preferred cooking vegetables.

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