“Forensic Heroes 5’s” Ending: Will There Be a Sixth Installment?

Airing its final episode on December 23, TVB anniversary drama Forensic Heroes 5 <法證先鋒V> continued the unifying theme of the franchise by having Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) dress up as a clown!

Coco Chiang Steals Scene
In the finale episode, Bosco and Coco Chiang’s (蔣怡) 5-minute eye contact “face-off” scene evoked trending discussions amongst netizens. They were intrigued by Coco’s cynical half-smile and devilish look. Interviewed, the actress said, “Because I totally couldn’t see what the male lead looks like behind the camera, I had to use my imagination. And because I wanted scene continuity, I spent a long time memorizing the lines, I’d recite till I dozed off, and continued reciting when I woke up, I was memorizing the whole day long,”

Bosco Continues Clown Arc

Towards the end of the episode, Bosco told Coco, “Does everyone become the clown you envision them as?”, after which he self-paints as a clown and reveals sinister laughter, leading viewers to take it as a sign that he would turn villain. Keeping mysterious about what the ending really meant, the actor said, “The clown makeup is also a cliffhanger, will there really be ‘Forensic Heroes VI’? Everyone doesn’t know, it is in keeping with the clown character which has featured in the series all along. When asked about it, I’d ask everyone to guess at what the ending means,”

Sharing about his clown getup, Bosco shared, “Putting on the makeup and filming took quite long, as I had to start from zero and film while enhancing the makeup at the same time, little by little, the foundation part were done by the makeup artist and I only did the colors.”

Bonus and Venus Not Shy About Intimate Scenes
Chatting about his scene of rescuing co-star Venus Wong (王敏奕) which included mouth-to-mouth and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), Bosco laughed and said that he was on too chummy terms with Venus for both of them to feel any embarrassment. “Of course before filming we’d communicate about it and perform the adequate safety measures,”

Described as the warm guy on set of Forensic Heroes as he would send protective guards to his co-stars, Bosco said, “I myself sustained many injuries when filming action scenes, so I would always prepare a pack of guards, when I see that they did not wear these protection guards I’d lend mine to them, the key thing during filming is that no one gets hurt.”

Sharing her most memorable scene on set, Venus recalled her scenes filmed in the cargo containers, where she was saved by Bosco, as “it was the second time he saved me, it was also his birthday…Bosco is really a warm guy and took great care of those around him, and liked treating everyone to food, (but) I was the only one who was pranked by him the whole day long.”

Source: HK.On.CC

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  1. Heck yeah Coco was villainously hot!!! Such a waste that again the ending was rushed per se….Everything in the middle was kind of eh…

  2. My interpretation of the ending was different. I thought that Bosco was doing his usual mimicry, like in previous cases, where he’d place himself in the criminal’s shoes to understand Coco’s inner logic to find answers. So hearing that it was “a sign that he would turn villain” and Bosco himself saying that this is a continuation to the 6th installment, I’m happy yet patient to see him in the next series! <3

  3. I dont mind watching the 6th installment for Forensic Bosco and Venus was a fresh pair to watch hope they put in more thrilling crime stories

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