“Forensic Heroes 5” Script is in the Works

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“Forensic Heroes 5” Script is in the Works

The Forensic Heroes <法證先鋒IV> franchise is one of TVB’s most successful dramas, with the fourth installment even peaking at 40 viewership points when it aired last year. With continued partnership with Youku, TVB will continue riding the franchise wave and has plans to produce a fifth installment with Pakho Chau (周柏豪) confirmed as one of the male leads.

Forensic Heroes 5 will see Ben Fong (方俊華) stepping in as producer. He had co-produced the previous installment with retired producer Mui Siu Ching (梅小青).

Scriptwriter Yip Tin Shing (葉天成), who has not worked on the Forensic Heroes franchise before but has helmed the Line Walker <使徒行者> franchise, has already started writing for the fifth installment.

Each Forensic Heroes installment had an arc relating to a clown. This was intentionally done by Mui Siu Ching to create a common theme across the franchise. Although Mui Siu Ching is not involved in Forensic Heroes 5, Yip Tin Shing shared, “We will definitely keep it. However, we may design a clown that is a little more interesting. Perhaps a western-type clown? I am still thinking about it. Because the storyline of the drama is very important, I will definitely spend a lot of time and effort to make it good.”

The preparations for Forensic Heroes 5 coincide with another of TVB’s rumored projects revolving around the mafia, which was also linked with Pakho Chau as the lead actor. Yip Tin Shing shared, “We usually brainstorm a lot of topics for new dramas to see what investors want. Last year, I pitched a mafia drama set in the 1960s and 1970s and wrote a basic synopsis…. However, the mafia drama is on hold, and the script has not been written yet.”

Source: HK01

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  1. exodus says:

    Wait what, I don’t remember clowns being in the previous FH series only the 4th one…

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    • tt23 replied:

      @exodus There was definitely a clown in the first one. And i feel like the second one? Third one I can’t be certain.

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      • alicesky replied:

        @tt23 there are 4 or 5 dead clowns at the ending of third one.

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        The only clown is the one who decided to give the go ahead to make another installment…

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      • alicesky replied:

        @jimmyszeto I like ur sarcasm lol. And yes u are right!

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  2. cutie777 says:

    It seems like every times there’s another forensic drama most likely is about clowns? Lol. Why don’t they just make a movie about clowns like the American movie It? I wonder what is Pakho Chau character going to be a forensic science or a policeman?

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