Pakho Chau Angers Hong Kong Netizens By Using Simplified Chinese

Hong Kong actor Pakho Chau has gained new fans in China after appearing in variety shows such as Infinite and Beyond <聲生不息>, Call me by Fire 2 <披荆斬棘> and Night in the Greater Bay 2 <大灣仔的夜2>. As Pakho’s popularity rapidly grows, his fans notice that the star’s social media page has switched from using Traditional Chinese that is typically used in Hong Kong. Instead, Pakho is called out by his Hong Kong fans for using Simplified Chinese to cater to China.

Pakho’s Hong Kong netizens accuse the star of switching to using Simplified Chinese in the middle of last year and many fans have gathered to Pakho’s social media page to express their disappointment. Among the comments, they accuse the star of “not knowing how to write in Traditional Chinese anymore and not even pretending to have switched over to Simplified Chinese.”

Other Hong Kong netizens share that they regret having been Pakho’s fans and accuse Pakho of turning his back on his roots to make money in China. They wrote, “Using Simplified Chinese proves you are patriotic. If you want to be patriotic, do better and expect to be criticized. I am very disappointed that you are using Simplified Chinese on Facebook when [Chinese netizens] can’t go on to read it. Who are you trying to impress? Seeing you like this is disgusting.”

Pakho Responds

Appearing at a public event, Pakho speaks with the media and explains the change in using Simplified Chinese. Pakho shares that the majority of his fans on Facebook are from Singapore and Malaysia and he wanted to be able to make it easier to connect with them. Stressing that he has no other motives, Pakho shares that he would use different styles for different fans.

When asked about his Hong Kong fans’ criticism, Pakho reveals that he is not bothered by it and their words have not affected him too much.

Source: Yahoo HK

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  1. It is just a matter of time Hongkong will have to change to simplified Chinese. It will surprise me if the kids in HongKong are not taught in simplified Chinese already… I do not know if the change is in motion already…

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