Pakho Chau, Shiga Lin, and Venus Wong Film “The Spectator”

Pakho Chau (周柏豪), Shiga Lin (連詩雅), and Venus Wong (王敏奕) were seen filming for TVB’s new thriller The Spectator <旁觀者>. The cast praised the script and shared exciting teasers about their roles.

Portraying a café owner who has good intentions but a dark side as a vigilante killer, Pakho revealed, “My character was forced by his parents to do many bad things during his childhood, so he wants to take justice into his own hands as an adult. The character is also one that is well liked because he is nice and entertaining.”

Shiga will portray a greedy social worker motivated by money who sets aside her morals. She shared that she will be filming a rape scene soon, and her character will become depressed and an alcoholic.

The role is a far cry from Shiga’s police officer character in action drama Black Gold Storm <黑金風暴>. “I just finished filming in Shenzhen–luckily the infection rates were not too high, so I was able to rush back and film this drama.”

Although the script for The Spectator is filled with suspense, Venus remarks that her story with Pakho’s is the most romantic she has come across in her career. Their characters cross paths when Venus, who is a highly sensitive police officer easily overwhelmed by external stimuli, investigates a perplexing murder case. Although she is more aware than others of subtleties which aids her in solving cases, this interferes with her regular life.

As The Spectator already started filming in June, Pakho hopes that he will be able to attend the concert featuring STARS Academy <聲夢傳奇> contestants in August. As one of the mentors, Pakho shared that he is already planning his schedule so that he can attend. “They’re all grown up now and independent. They’re really fortunate to have fans already. It’s crazy how a competition can change a young person’s life. I have a similar experience where my mom’s decision to let me learn the piano led me down this career path.”


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  1. Refreshing cast. I like Venus and excited to see Pakho on the screen again. However, I am not digging his new hairstyle. I think it makes him look older.

    1. Omg I saw him in the final of Star Academy and I’m like why does he look so exhausted and like he didn’t have his hair done. Didn’t realize it’s a “new look”

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