Shiga Lin Shares News of Pregnancy

Due to her parents’ marital problems during her growing up years, Shiga had professed her yearnings for the warmth of a complete family.

Taking to Instagram to share the joyful news, actress Shiga Lin (連詩雅) and husband Carlos Chan (陳家樂) are now parents-to-be!

“The Greatest Gift of 2024”
Shiga made the revelation on February 24, which celebrates the first full moon of the year and is sometimes dubbed Chinese Valentine’s Day. The 35-year-old wrote, “I’m letting nature take its course…This is the best present of 2024, I’m touched, grateful and look forward to Summer BB’s arrival, wishing all a happy Yuan Xiao festival! The family’s growing and I’m slightly in disbelief, and feeling a little anxious about parenthood, Mr Chan said he’s fine with either a boy or a girl and will turn them into a Man United supporter”, referring to Carlos’ love for football.

The couple, who tied the knot in a lavish wedding in April 2023, also shared ultrasound images in their announcement, where Carlos is seen hugging Shiga sweetly from behind, with the radiant mom-to-be sporting a protruding belly. Excited to finally announce, Shiga described her emotions of joy, surprise and nervousness on embarking on the journey of parenthood, and expressed hopes that everything will go smoothly as she awaits the baby’s safe and healthy arrival during the summer holiday season.

Carlos, who starred in HK crime flick The Goldfinger <金手指>, also shared his joy through the media. “In 2023 we entered another phase of life together. Grateful that 2024 brings another important milestone for us! Finally we can share the good news, we eagerly await the bundle of joy and believe this little life will bring us endless happiness and blessings.” Revealing that the baby is due in July, he thanked family, friends and the press for their well wishes, while wishing all joyous festivities.

Source: HK.On.CC

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  1. So happy for them! One of my favourite hk celeb couples, bet they’ll have a super cute baby!

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