Louisa So Dispenses Advice on Keeping Love Sparks Alive

Going on Harriet Yeung (楊詩敏) and Shiga Lin’s (連詩雅) YouTube talkshow, actress Louisa So (蘇玉華) shares words of advice on how she and her husband Poon Chan Leung (潘燦良) keep their passion alive through the passage of time!

Accepting Your Partner, Flaws & All
With nearly 3 decades since the two knew each other, to falling in love and finally tying the knot in 2020, the veteran actress still grows shy when she brings up her husband. Describing him as someone in front of whom she can be her true self, Louisa shared her innermost thoughts. “I won’t want him to change a thing, and he does the same…even if it is his flaws, I know they are a part of him and what makes him complete. It will be ridiculous for me to use my own yardstick to turn him into the person I imagine him to be, that’d be most unfair and moreover, should not be how two people get along. If I‘ve chosen him, I must accept him wholly,”

Admiration is Part of Romantic Attraction

Both Louisa and her husband are seasoned stage actors.

Probing the 55-year-old to reveal her communication secrets, Louisa replied that there are no forceful demands made of each other, and describes the relationship as being as “natural like air”. “He is already part of my daily life, way of life, my body, up till now I still look forward to seeing him, seeing him still makes me really happy. If I have a glass of ice cream, I will really want to share with him, we hold hands even during sleep, the relationship is one that is nurtured and grown by little acts and details in life, and not mind-blowing matters of scale, but more important is the accumulation of these little things, and also truly admiring him,”

Seeing how Louisa got red-faced and shy when talking about her husband, Harriett and newly married Shiga could not help exclaiming, “That’s love!”

Source: HK01

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  1. That is really sweet, esp after 3 decades together. Some couples cannot even stand each other even one decade

    1. Think it helps that they work in a busy profession so do not see each other constantly. I find that helps since I go am away for work a lot too. If not, I think we would have come to blows after over a decade together..

  2. They see each other at work and at home and can still keep this going after 30 years. That means that they 1) truly like each other 2) respect boundaries 3) care enough to put in enough and equal effort. Most people confuse 1 and 3 although 3 does depend on 1. She just seems like a grounded lady of many talents –she acts in tv and stage and can host and cook and Mr Poon is a confident man with is own talent set. Simple.

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