Carlos Chan and Shiga Lin To Hold Off Honeymoon

In the final run-down to their April 24 wedding, lovebirds Shiga Lin (連詩雅) and Carlos Chan (陳家樂) are busy making final preparations for the once-in-a-lifetime ceremony! Spotted busy making their respective last-minute preparations, groom-to-be Carlos, who said he would only be wearing two suits on the big day was spotted trying out clothes on his own at the malls, while bride-to-be Shiga too, tried on jewellery pieces for her big day.

No Break for Carlos
Set at the five-star Rosewood Hong Kong in Tsim Sha Tsui, loved ones will gather over a buffet-style banquet before a formal dinner in the evening, and the couple has picked bath salts as wedding favours. With expenses for the wedding rumored to be tipping over into the millions, the couple has been sparing no effort in fulfilling work obligations!

Originally intending to take a 3-month break from work after his wedding, Carlos updated that he will be returning to work less than a week after, while Shiga too has been actively hawking a skincare brand on her socials, even in the penultimate days to the ceremony!

Boss Albert Yeung to Be Part of “Tea Ceremony”
Making his debut at just 15 years after winning a singing contest organized by Emperor Group, Carlos has been managed by the company throughout his career. Grateful for the many years of care and support from boss Albert Yeung (楊受成), Carlos proposed for the latter to be part of the quintessential “tea ceremony” on his big day, and Albert Yeung has also agreed, seeing that he has very much treated Carlos as his own nephew!

With a sweet pink-themed background, the newlyweds’ wedding invite shows the couple dressed in white looking sweetly at each other and joining hands, to symbolize them growing old together.

Nervous about his big day, Carlos hopes guests can forgive him if there is anything not to their satisfaction. Describing him as “one of his other very important family members”, he shared that it is only right for Mr Yeung to be part of the tea ceremony, as he had witnessed his career ups and downs”over two decades. Asked why he chose to forgo their honeymoon, Carlos explained that he had received requests from fans to attend the wedding and take photos, but as arrangements were not possible on the day itself, he plans to a mini fan gathering to coincide with a company activity in end April instead, to kill two birds with one stone.

Source: HK.On.CC, Rosewood

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