Shiga Lin Enjoys Being Showered with Extra Care

Recently announcing her pregnancy, singer Shiga Lin (連詩雅) turned up in a glamorous cut-out black gown on 3-inch heels for TVB’s Pok Oi Charity Show 2024.

Experienced Nausea During First Trimester

Close to five months along, the still-slender actress shared that it was getting more challenging to find clothes that fit during work, “I used to be able to find something suitable after one or two tries, now I have to try on 10 different pieces before finding one or two that’s the right fit,”

Having gained around 8 to 10 pounds, Shiga joked and said that she hopes to stop putting on weight. While husband Carlos Chan (陳家樂) was a little concerned about her attending the show in heels, she appeased him by promising the only time she would be in heels was onstage. With a change in the mom-to-be’s appetite, Shiga now prefers sour foods and more savoury foods, and says she hopes to continue working right till before she pops, confessing “I need to earn more!”

Diligently reading up on birthing methods, she has yet to decide between caesarean section or natural birth, but has the baby’s health as top priority. Regarding arrangements to care for the newborn, the 35 year-old said that they would likely have their in-laws taking turns so it would be easier on everyone. Having experienced nausea during the first trimester when she was doing shows in mainland China, Shiga confided that the baby did not give her any issues when she was onstage, allowing her performance to go smoothly along with the boost in adrenaline.

Carlos Excited by Baby’s Movements

Sharing on father-to-be Carlos’ excitement at seeing the baby’s movements on the ultrasound monitor, Shiga said he denied having screamed aloud, but had looked “really hilarious”! Asked if Carlos had sought permission from her for his butt-revealing scene in an upcoming film project, Shiga answered in the affirmative and thought it was a great career opportunity. Sharing that he had to face the stress of the filming preparations on top of knowing about the pregnancy just when filming had started, she tried not to bother him, so he could focus on work.

Source: HK.On.CC

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