Shiga Lin and Carlos Chan Hold Million-Dollar Wedding

Tying the knot after three years of dating, Carlos Chan (陳家樂) and Shiga Lin (連詩雅) held their wedding on April 24. A joyous day for the pair, Shiga and Carlos were unable to contain their tears when they exchanged wedding vows.

At noon, the couple held a lunch reception at a 6-star hotel for 300 friends in the industry.  Attending the wedding as a guest, Hins Cheung (張敬軒) sang “For Your Heart Only” <為你鍾情>, a classic by Leslie Cheung (張國榮). They closed off the night with a second and more intimate banquet with just family and relatives.

Wearing two sets of wedding dresses and a traditional Chinese gown, Shiga showcased over 300 carats of diamonds and gems. At 8 a.m.. sharp, Carlos and his groomsmen all dressed up as characters from Sailor Moon and successfully picked up Shiga after playing several rounds of wedding games.

Although Carlos tried his best not to bawl, he had to wipe off his tears with a tissue. “I wrote parts of the vow myself and I thought I would be funny at first, but I got really touched and couldn’t stop tearing up and choking during the speech. I was too emotional – but all in all, I will listen to Shiga in the future,” he explained.

Pleased with Carlos’ wedding vows, Shiga explained that he is rarely so emotional. In contrast to Carlos’ emotional speech, Shiga laughed and said her speech was more typical in which she acknowledged their growth and differences. Shiga also revealed that Carlos was unable to sleep for nights with anticipation leading up to the wedding day. To ensure a smooth wedding, Carlos even gave up soccer nights.

The couple looks forward to vacationing in Europe for their June honeymoon. Looking forward to having children, Carlos joked that he will try to conceive “an entire soccer team.” Shiga realizes that having children is not difficult, but the hard work lies in raising them. Carlos and Shiga thanked their parents during their wedding ceremony for raising two kind-hearted and loveable people.


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  1. Congrats, I always think shiga is easy in the eyes because she has a natural look and a nice figure. Glad their wedding wasn’t overshadowed by the other pair.

  2. Wow, even the b-listers are making their weddings a big deal these days, instead of keeping it low-profile.

    1. For all we know, they probably got sponsorships and discounts for most things.

  3. Did Priscilla Wong attend the wedding? I didn’t see any photos of her..
    Yoyo was there ,
    I thought they were close sisters. S.P.Y.

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