Dating for 24 Years, Louisa So Finally Gets Married

Dating each other for 24 years, 52-year-old actress Louisa So (蘇玉華) and 53-year-old actor Poon Chan Leung (潘燦良) announced that they have finally tied the knot!

Meeting each other in 1988 at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, they later became colleagues at the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre. Friends for a long time, they eventually started dating after collaborating in a stage play together. Poon Chan Leung recalled his impression of Louisa, “When I first saw her, it was like seeing a ray of sunlight. She always smiled and she was always so lively – she gave off a very happy vibe.”

Although Poon Chan Leung had proposed to Louisa numerous times in the last two decades, he finally succeeded in 2014 when he asked her again in Japan. The couple preferred to keep things simple and has already regarded each other like family, thus shrugging off the need to hold a wedding reception.

Despite having similar backgrounds and being very compatible with each other, Louisa and Poon Chan Leung still have their differences. He is more conservative and serious, whereas Louisa is more courageous and open. Like pieces of a puzzle, Poon Chan Leung expressed that their differences and similarities fit together perfectly.

Being in a long-term relationship requires growth together as a couple, and the ability to step back and accept each other’s imperfections. Poon Chan Leung shares, “It’s easy to hate someone and their actions, and it’s easy to name 10 negative qualities about a person. The most important thing is to remember why you liked that person in the first place. There must have been positive qualities that you admire, so you always have to remember that.”

Over the years, Louisa and Poon Chan Leung have been frequent partners together on stage. When asked about her relationship with the actor, Louisa states, “The most important thing for two people is being happy together, being able to help each other grow, and mutual appreciation for each other.”

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  1. They look and sound happy with one another. Look, age, and personality seem like a match too. So good for them!

    I like both of their acting. He did well in To Be Or Not To Be considering he’s more of a stage actor. My first intro to his acting. Louisa has proven she has the acting job even back in the days. Unfortunate she just wasn’t in the inner circle to be promoted and stuff.

  2. 24 years?! Imagine waiting that long to get a ring on your finger. I don’t get why most in the entertainment industry date for long periods of time and not marry yet. OK marrying someone is expensive but still.. It’s crazy.

  3. Maybe the pandemic made Louisa realize the importance of an officialized union. Who knows. But it is a celebratory occasion and a happy event. Congrats to them!

  4. I think they’re lucky to have each other for this long time relationship because some couples who dated around 5 to 10 years then they suddenly announced their break up so not many couples can be like them. Then some couples who dated less than a year they announced their marriage so it’s like crazy!!

  5. This is such cheerful and happy news for a change! After the recent shenanigans of having cake in the back seat of a car, non-stop mud-slinging after a 14-month marriage etc etc.

  6. not sure after getting married after dating for such a long time means. it used to be that people get married to have kids but not the case here. it’s just a matter of signing a piece of paper, what is that significance of that anyway.

    1. @m0m0 Its a symbolic representation and shows how committed you are to each other. Plus theres plenty of legal implications if you are a couple living together but not married. The law is in place to acknowledge legally married people. Anyone Tom Dick and Harry can just live together. If one dies they cant hand over inheritance just because you have been living together for 30 years.

      1. @megamiaow
        Exactly and I feel sad that people think that being married is just signing a piece of paper. It is much much more than that and represents your love and commitment to each other. Also, if you are not officially married then there are just so many things that you just are not qualified to do. For example, inheriting anything as you mentioned, signing health consent forms which can mean life and death in some situations and many other scenarios when it is so important to be officially married. If being officially married were not important then why does the LBGT community fight so hard for that right while the heterosexual couples take that right for granted? There was a real life case of a lesbian couple in Taiwan where they lived together for 30 years but her partner was not allowed to sign the health consent forms as they were not legally married so her partner ended up dying as a result of waiting too long. Sadly just because she was not legally married to her partner she did not qualify as family so was not allowed to sign those health consent forms so her partner/wife ended up dying as result. Therefore, I wish people would realize just how important it is to be legally married and not think it is just signing a piece of paper. It is much more than that.

      2. @hetieshou Agree with this wholeheartedly. Those who think like that were lucky enough not to have experienced being in a situation like those you mentioned. Either naive or gullible enough to be convinced by partner who is scared of commitment.

      3. @bizzybody
        Exactly and glad that you understand how important it is to be officially married. Sadly many just take that right to be married for granted. My late parents always told me to never stay with a person if they are not willing to officially marry you as it shows that they are not willing to fully commit to you. Those that refuse to get officially married on paper have not been through those experiences so think that marriage is not important and is just signing a piece of paper.

      4. @hetieshou This is what most parents will tell their daughters. Partly because the probability of a man cheating on his partner/disloyal is higher and the woman would’ve wasted her precious youth on him.
        However, it’s a double edged sword. Signing name on a marriage certificate is easy but the process of divorce is costly and not easy. So, both parties have to consider very carefully and willing to commit to each other before taking the important step.

      5. @bizzybody
        You are so right as that is what my late parents told me. If you are not officially married on paper, they can just pack their bags and go and they have nothing to worry about. They also do not need to go through the pain of a divorce as it messy and costly. The act of signing is easy but the significance behind it is what is hard.

    2. @m0m0
      It is much more than that and I find it sad how people think that marriage is just signing a piece of paper. If being officially married was not important then why does the LBGT fight so hard for that right while the straight couples take it for granted? It can mean life and death in some cases just like in many Asian countries where you need to sign health consent forms. You can live together for 30 years but if you are not officially married on paper, you would not be qualified to sign because you would not be considered family. Basically if you are not married then there are many things you are not allowed or qualified to do.

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