Raymond Wong Gets Violent for “The Forgotten Valley” Ending

Success has been steady for the TVB drama The Forgotten Valley <平安谷之詭谷傳說>, which just ended its third week of being the number one most-watched television program of the year. The period drama takes place in a village where women are treated as second-rate individuals, and stars Raymond Wong Ho-yin (黃浩然), Louisa So (蘇玉華), Grace Chan (陳凱琳), Lau Kong (劉江), and Katy Kung (龔嘉欣) in lead roles.

Bearing the cold winter wind, the cast of The Forgotten Valley promoted the show outdoors yesterday, passing out Lunar New Year candy and collectibles for the fans. The cast attracted a huge crowd and nearly blocked traffic.

With The Forgotten Valley entering its last week of broadcast, Raymond and Grace, who play a married couple in the show, was asked to tease the fans about spoilers and upcoming things to expect. Raymond smiled and said his character will go crazy. “There is this one segment where I whip [Grace],” he said. Grace added, “When we watched the playback for the scene, it was quite heartbreaking.”

Reporters pointed out that Raymond will also slap Grace in the face. Asking if it was a real slap, the actor said, “Watch the show to see!”

However, when it came to getting whipped for real, Raymond said, “I may have accidentally whipped a senior. It was Tsoi Kwok-hing (蔡國慶). There was this one scene where Uncle Hing was in all fours and I had to whip him. He was of course very professional—that scene took about four to five hours to film and he was in his knees the entire time. Although he had on protection, there were about two to three whips where I actually did hit him. The next day, when his son told the producer that Uncle Hing was in the hospital, I got so worried! Was that because of me? I felt so guilty! It turned out that he had injured his waist!”

Louisa, who just returned from a three-week stage acting class in London, was asked if she would return to TVB if The Forgotten Valley would get a sequel series. Louisa said, “I don’t know. It really depends on the script. A good script is hard to come by.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I don’t even watch TVB dramas anymore but this one really caught my attention when I saw it in the commercial. I’m enjoying it so far and I can’t wait until the end to know the whole truth! Also I saw them promoting this show yesterday, Louisa So waved at me XD!!

  2. Statistics;

    Women tied to pole – everyone
    Failure to run away – every time
    Women making noises- all the time
    Women staying quiet when should be making noises – every single time
    Men behaving badly – always
    Women behaving stupidly – forever
    Miraculously Grace still alive – perpetual

    The story is beyond redemption.

    1. @funnlim Even though I enjoy the series so far and everyone’s acting, I do agree with you. The character development is so predictable and formulaic. You can predict what happens next almost 99% of time.

      I kinda wished they showed some of the men who were not affected by the village’s way. Like the Deputy’s little brother, who wanted to save Ching Ching. I thought we will be able to see a little bit of his story after he marries the Bull girl but they were never shown again.

      And it looks like the there will be the big bad villain at the end. Why can’t they just have the women work this out without introducing another villain to terrorize the men. Just disappointed with the direction of the story.

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