Grace Chan Confirms Kevin Cheng Will Meet Up With Kenneth Ma

Grace Chan (陳凱琳) attended an event yesterday to promote Green WALK Hong Kong 2024 and raise awareness about climate change. Chatting with the media afterward, Grace shared she will travel to Australia for a week with Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and their two older sons. Grace’s mother will take care of the couple’s youngest son.

In a recent social media post, Grace looked so thin that her ribs were showing. Since her debut 11 years ago, Grace has been fielding questions about her weight and does not have much else to add. “I thank everyone for their concern. I am very healthy and strong.” Grace has not weighed herself recently but knows she is healthy. Grace said she did not follow any specific diet, “Sometimes I’ll give in to cravings. In the past, I didn’t like spicy food but now I like it!”

Asked if Kevin has made dinner plans with Kenneth Ma (馬國明) to celebrate the latter’s new marriage, Grace confirmed they already made plans. Although they will eat dinner before Lunar New Year, they have not decided on the cuisine yet.

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    1. Agree, she cannot say No , can, he? Not after the slight backlash her husband made about them been too busy to attend wedding.

  1. who cares? i met kevin cheng before and the guy was proper stuck up and full of himself. at this wedding where non celebs like myself were asking the celebs to take selfies , he was like very reluctant whilst everyone else was very friendly.

    1. Lol…Kevin’s stuck up nature is infamous… Thus not popular with film crews/PD in China.

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