Kevin Cheng Plays Strict Daddy to 3 Sons

Attending an event in Central, mother-of-three and celebrity influencer Grace Chan (陳凱琳) shared that she had taken time off to attend Milan Fashion Week, and her husband Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) had done an excellent job at taking care of their three musketeers!

The 32-year-old shared that she spent almost ten days in Paris, and had a busy time managing her hair, makeup and costume all by her own. Eager to upload her new fashion videos on her social media soon, Grace says she has “learnt her lesson”, and would surely bring an assistant alone the next time!

The Art of Parenting is Striking a Balance

With Kevin playing both mom and dad while she was away, Grace revealed her surprise on coming home that her three sons had become better-behaved. “I asked, how is it possible! Kevin then said that I was too soft-hearted usually, I would give in whenever they requested hugs or wanted to be fed, so during the time when I was away, he’s trained them to take their own meals and keep away the cutlery,” shared Grace.

Dad in the House: Kevin used mealtimes to train the kids.

Asked if she would follow Kevin’s disciplinarian methods, or go back to her old ways, Grace laughed and said that Kevin would complain if she lets him play bad guy all the time, but was also eager to continue her own brand of using love to influence and guide them onto rightful paths.

Luckily, the two have already found a good balance between both parenting methods. “Kevin works very hard at teaching the kids, and told me not to undermine his rules, so I have to help execute them, when the kids saw me return, they thought I’d feed them, but I told them no, and mentioned how daddy praised them for being smart when they ate on their own, when they heard the praise, they went back to the practice!”

Eager to strike a balance between family and work, Grace intends to focus on variety shows this year with a more flexible working arrangement. “Because Kevin will be starting work soon so we’d switch roles, I hope he’s not leaving Hong Kong for too long otherwise the 3 kiddos will be back to square one!”

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