Grace Chan and Kevin Cheng Celebrate Son’s 3rd Birthday

Taking a break from filming dramas after marrying Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) in 2018,  Grace Chan (陳凱琳) has turned her focus to being an influencer and taking care of her three sons,  Rafael, Yannick, and Carlos. Earlier, the happy family of five celebrated Yannick’s third birthday and Grace shared many photos of the occasion.

Always an involved and engaging mother, Grace decorated their home backyard with a forest theme, complete with colorful balloons, dinosaurs, lions, and other wild animals.

Grace shared a sentimental post about all the joys Yannick gives to the family. “We love this little boy Yannick. If we had to give one reason why, it’s because he has the kindest heart. Every morning when he wakes up, he’ll walk around the entire house and say hello to everyone. He’ll also make sure that his little brother, Carlos, is sleeping well.”

Yannick is also very considerate of his elder brother. Grace shared, “When [Yannick] has his breakfast, he would always ask whether Rafael has eaten yet. He’ll also take initiative to share with his brother. When we’re in a bad mood, he’ll worry. If we look sad, he’ll come over and give us a kiss. He dislikes it when people are angry and will always be the first to suggest a family hug. Thank you for brining happiness, love, and a lot of dinosaur sound effects into your family. We love you, Yannick!”

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