Grace Chan Envious of Kevin’s “Invulnerability” to Criticism

With many years lapsing since she won the Miss Hong Kong 2013 title, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) shared on a recent talkshow about how she learnt to deal with critical comments, and how husband Kevin Cheng’s (鄭嘉穎) manner of dealing with feedback made her “envious”.

Bouncing Back from Her Lowest Point

Happily married with three beautiful kids – Rafael, Yannick and Carlos, Grace’s life appears to be the proverbial sunshine and roses – but she lets in that she’s had her fair share of demons to deal with.

Not having undergone formal training, and unprepared to deal with the spate of harsh criticism from netizens for her very first drama, which targeted everything from her acting to looks to family, she recalled being “immobilized” in bed, and feeling sorely disappointed in herself, due to her own high expectations. “If someone saw me on the streets and asked me if I were Grace Chan, I’d assume that (he) was laughing at me, (I’d feel) that everyone was criticizing me,” shared the 31-year-old who described it as the darkest time in her life.

Kevin Cheng Takes Feedback Well
While turning to her faith slowly helped her get out of the dumps, Grace calls the nine years which have lapsed “the greatest lesson” for which she is thankful. “(Being criticized) made me think, why don’t I work on my acting, why don’t I continue trying…these 9 years were the greatest lesson, which made the end result more worthwhile, since it did not come right from the start!” said Grace, who shared she felt all the more delighted when she heard netizen compliments about how she has “shown improvement”, and “appeared natural” in one of her later dramas!

The mother of 3 also shared how her husband Kevin Cheng’s positive approach to critical feedback was something she envied about him. While Kevin has mastered being almost “invulnerable” to comments, Grace admits that she minds a lot about the opinions of others. Although she still finds it hard to navigate the right balance between winning the approval of others and staying true to her authentic self, Grace realizes how that she is more assured now; “If I had only 20% confidence back then, I’m at least 60% now, though it can still be improved”.

Source: HK01

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