Kenneth Ma Shares Post-wedding Update

Days after his blissful wedding in Thailand, actor Kenneth Ma (馬國明) has already resumed work! Chatting with the press at the livestream event of The Queen of News’s <新聞女王> final episode, Kenneth joked that he was “no rich 2G” and had to work to put bread on the table. However, the couple’s honeymoon would have to wait until 2024 when Kenneth would try to take time out between filming schedules to fulfil wife Roxanne Tong’s (湯洛雯) dreams of seeing the Northern Lights!

“Not Stressed” About Babymaking

Asked about his baby-making plans, Kenneth shared that the two were not anxious, but would gladly “accept the gift from heaven” if they were blessed with children. Concerned about the huge time commitment needed in parenting, the 49-year-old said that he would likely have “one or two children at most”. Recalling the highlights of their recent wedding, which moved many celebrity friends to tears, Kenneth said he was more “overjoyed”, while Roxanne also held back tears.

A self-confessed poor dancer, Kenneth confessed to hesitant feelings about dancing publicly in the past, but was able to relax and enjoy “for the first time” while dancing at the wedding, perhaps because “the atmosphere right there made everything seem so beautiful”. Happy that his wife Roxanne has finally taken to addressing him as hubby—she never did before the wedding, Kenneth said he was not wearing his ring just yet as he was afraid he would misplace it due to clumpsiness, and has therefore sent it for a resize.

Asked if he has already met up with pal Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) for a meal, Kenneth responded that he was still busy recently. “Old pals need not be so deliberate, (Kevin) said he would follow up the meal with a gift (when we eventually meet)”, he said, speaking up for Kevin amid fan suspicions of a fallout between the two.

Urges Closure of “On Sum” Scandal

On ex-girlfriend Jacqueline Wong’s (黃心穎) recent reflections on the infamous “On Sum” scandal, Kenneth expressed his wish that everyone will stop focusing on the matter, as the parties involved have already begun respective new lives. “She’s married and so am I, there’s no need to bring this up yet again, it’s been so (many years),” Reciprocating Jacqueline’s well wishes for his wedding, Kenneth said, “I wish her well too, hope she is blessed with happiness, everyone has gotten a new start and there’s no need to bring up old matters.”

Source: On.CC

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