Roxanne Tong and Kenneth Ma Get Married in Thailand

Dating for three years, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) got married in Ko Samui, Thailand. Twirling and moving to the music of their first dance, Kenneth lifted Roxanne bridal style as cheers erupted from the crowd. The evening reception took place on the beach amid twinkling lights and beautiful white floral centerpieces.

On December 16, Roxanne shared her wedding photos online. Unlike typical glamourous celebrity weddings, Kenneth and Roxanne’s ceremony was intimate and romantic. Kenneth wore a white tuxedo and Roxanne wore a long backless wedding gown. For her first official entrance as Mrs. Ma, Roxanne had a bouquet of white flowers in her arms, matching the white venue.

Responding to the media’s blessings, the newlyweds expressed, “We want to thank everyone for their blessings. Our ceremony was sweet and joyful and everyone had a great time. There were so many touching and tear-jerking moments during our wedding and we received so many blessings from our guests. Thank you for everyone’s concern – we’ll respond to any questions once we’re back. Thank you.”

Shortly after the couple shared their official wedding photos on social media, their guests began posting pictures as well. Kenneth’s “groomsmen” included Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞), Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿), Jazz Lam (林子善), Steven Wong (黃嘉樂), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and Sharon Chan (陳敏之). Roxanne’s bridesmaids included Samantha Ko (高海寧), who caught the bouquet,  as well as Sisley Choi (蔡思貝)and Jennifer Shum (岑杏賢).

Roxanne thanked Kenneth for “giving her an unforgettable wedding and making her a better person.” She also thanked her bridesmaids for helping her out with the wedding. “Without [my bridesmaids], I can’t imagine how I would have successfully pulled off the wedding. I also hear you girls cry louder than I did when I said my vows.” Finally, Roxanne thanked her parents for their love.

Kenneth also wrote on Instagram, “Thanks to my wife for giving me the perfect wedding. Every detail was very beautiful. The schedule was organized very well. Everyone had a great time. Thanks to our groomsmen and bridesmaids.”

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  1. One of my fav celeb couples!!! Congrats to them! Roxanne looks so simple but so stunning. Jazz Lam is still silly as ever.

  2. Beautiful wedding, friends looked like they had a blast. Ah Kevin, you missed out! Am happy they got Married since we have got inundated with articles about their romance every painful step of the way. So it’s done. Her life long ambition done, his life long ambition done and now let’s start the every agonising step of baby news. I like them, I do but I got very bored reading their relationship in every single article there is that I forgot she has a career and he is still acting.

  3. May they be happy in their journey as a family. Both are well matched in temperament. JW did them both a favor. And…kevin who?

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