Jacqueline Wong on Facing Obstacles and Coping with Changes in Her Life

After hitting rock bottom from being exposed to have an affair with Andy Hui (許志安), Jaqueline Wong (黃心穎) has gone through dramatic changes including transitioning to a singer, getting married to RubberBand drummer’s Lai Man Wang (泥鯭), and experience the passing of her father.  Although the shadows of her past continue to follow her, Jacqueline shares that she is thankful for having learned her lessons and having the chances to restart her life.

Worried About Disappointing Father

As Jacqueline’s father had always been strict in her childhood, his father was very disappointed by Jacqueline’s scandal.  Jacqueline shared, “Because I was a person who was good at pushing myself since I was child, he believed in me and felt that he didn’t need to worry about me. After the incident, he felt that he didn’t teach me enough and blamed himself. I told him, ‘This incident is my fault, not because you didn’t teach me well.’”

Jacqueline continued, “He didn’t scold me but he said I made a mistake and I have to know that I did wrong. He said, ‘You have to think about the consequences, you can’t do what you want to do.’ I think that was a big lesson. It’s not just about you and it impacted a lot of people. I will always remember that.”

In her father’s final days, he was able to attend Jacqueline’s wedding and fulfilled his wishes of entrusting Jacqueline to someone who loves her. Jaqueline shared, “Dad’s physical condition deteriorated in recent years. At that moment, I thought that he let go of his worries after seeing that I found someone who cherished me and left peacefully.”

Meeting Lai Man Wang

Mentioning her relationship with Lai Man Wang, Jacqueline revealed that the two had known each other for a long time but they really started talking after she returned to Hong Kong from the United States. They two bonded after Lai Man Wang sent cheerful messages and shared information regarding raising a dog.

Jacqueline was attracted to Lai Man Wang’s down to earth personality especially during her darkest days and how he made her feel safe. The two dated for just over a year before Lai Man Wang proposed.

Initially Jaqueline was worried about meeting her husband’s family, “I expected that some people would wear colored glasses to look at me, but that was not the case. I wondered why there was such a good family and I thanked them at my wedding for not looking at me from other angles.”

Persevering Against Negative Criticism and Apologizing to Sammi Cheng

Jacqueline admitted to having to adjust her mentality to be strong against the criticism and not be scared to answer tough questions as she transitioned to being a singer. While she originally went to the United States to hide, she persevered to not do anything that might hurt her family.

When asked if she accepted that she lost everything overnight after her scandal, Jacqueline replied, “You can’t no accept it if you did something wrong. You have to suffer the consequences. Later I recalled that if this didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing now. I wouldn’t feel that I have the potential to do something different like writing music. I will always be the same Jacqueline, so I am glad to be able to open up to another path now.”

Jacqueline added her outlook on life four years since the scandal, “It’s not 100% good but now I know how to control things better and don’t let these things and emotions control me. I used to think the world was a happy place, but now that I have seen the not so good parts, I know how it is to be so emotionally low. I am glad I met so many people to help me. All these words of encourage accumulated and they are so important to me. Moreover, I met my dog and husband. I found something I really want to learn, so no matter the experience was good or bad. It is very rewarding to me.”

Many netizens felt that Jacqueline still owed Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) an apology and Jacqueline responded, “Actually, what I did does not need to be announced to the world. I don’t have to announce to the world that I have done it. This is my answer. I am happy, comfortable and free now.”

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This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I am sure she apologised. There is just no need to be made public. This is between them and their partner. Hope she cherish what she has now.

  2. someone apologetic over her previous behaviour would not answer in this flippant way. If you were the wronged party, would you feel the mistress who can say this was a heartfelt apology? Yes. The husband was the scum to betray the relationship with his wife but the mistress was the accelarator and it became so public. How would it kill JW to have the decency (and forget her super huge ego) to see that a very public scandal deserves a very public apology. IMHO the part holding back any public support for her (and she needs the support) for her future (public) role as a singer – is her. Fans of Sammi are legendary and to be fair, 2 hands clapped but only 1 hand bowed his head

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