Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong Caught Kissing in a Taxi

Photos of Andy Hui (許志安) and TVB actress Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) caught kissing in a taxi surfaced today. Married to Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) for five years, Andy issued a tearful apology for his “disgusting” behavior at a press conference. Andy said, “I have to deeply apologize to Sammi and my families because I committed an unforgivable mistake.”

It was reported that Andy and Jacqueline were making out in a taxi for over 16 minutes, kissing and touching each other intimately. Taking the initiative, Jacqueline even boldly caressed Andy’s thigh throughout the kiss.

Dating Kenneth Ma (馬國明) for over two years, Jacqueline’s cheating came as a big surprise. The couple spends their holidays with each other’s families and was speculated to be getting close to marriage. With the outbreak of the scandal, Jacqueline’s image took a beating and her career at TVB will likely come to a halt.

Andy Blames Incident on Alcohol

Appearing in a press conference this morning, Andy said that he had drank too much alcohol and got carried away in a moment of lust. All his current projects, including upcoming concert plans, will come to a full stop as he reflects on his actions. Unable to hold back tears, Andy apologized to his wife, Sammi, for betraying her trust.

Crying into the microphone, Andy said, “I’m here today to bear the full responsibility of my own actions. That night, I really drank too much, but alcohol is not an excuse for making this mistake. I’m very regretful and can’t even face and forgive myself.”

He continued to berate himself, “After seeing the reports, I feel very ashamed. I’m truly wrong, hateful, disgusting, and unrecognizable. I have deeply reflected and asked why I couldn’t have stopped myself from making this mistake and controlling my lust.”

Jacqueline and Sammi Are Also Friends

Andy and Jacqueline have known each other for some time, and even sang a duet together at charity show Gala Spectacular <星光熠熠耀保良> last year. The 30-year-old actress likes to flaunt selfies with many male stars, and Andy has appeared in her Instagram posts in the past.

However, many were shocked that Jacqueline and Sammi also seem to be good friends, as they go to the same gym and took photos of their workout sessions together.


Andy Apologizes at Press Conference

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  1. He blamed alcohol! What’s her excuse? Was she also drunk? She has no excuse in my book, but i have a few names I can throw at her, but I would rather not. Kenneth deserves someone better and I hope he finds her.

  2. He doesn’t look drunk to me in the footage, just tipsy. You can tell by his expression that he had some (initial) reservations, which implies a degree of awareness.

    Either way, it’s so laughable to me whenever someone calls cheating a “mistake”. Inadvertently sending an email out to the wrong recipient is what you’d call a mistake. Cheating is a CHOICE!!

    Hoping Sammi and Kenneth have a good support system to carry them through this ordeal.

    1. @oystergirl Cheating is by choice.. If one really listened to the clips.. the person who left the car wanted to send Jacqueline home first… IT was definitely by “choice!!” I agree hope both Sammi and Kenneth have the support system to carry through this situation. Hopefully, media will rest the case soon.

  3. Agree with all comments above … even if Andy was “drunk” he seemed very capable of his actions and responses and Jacqueline seems like an opportunist/ladder climber … plus does she have some daddy issues cause her and Kenneth are 15 yrs apart and Andy and her are 21 yrs apart … I know they say age ain’t nothing but a number but still …

    Jacqueline’s IG apologies is so lame and millennial of her vs. Kenneth’s more formal comments during his press conference … respect that he urged the press to stay away from his family like his mother …

    Hope for the best for Sammi (concerned since she has a history of depression) and Kenneth … I’m sure they will come out of this stronger …

    (This whole scandal got me to actually comment here … been a silent reader :P)

  4. I had to laugh at this scandal because female HK celebrities are expected to look sweet, innocent, and pretty for the public. You won’t see someone like sexual and foul-mouthed Miley Cyrus or Madonna in the HK celebrity world. So it’s a huge shock when they turn out to be flawed humans. Jacqueline is no different. So much for the sweet smiles and polite interviews to build her image. I didn’t even know she was aggressive and flirtatious to men until I read the comments here as I only follow HK celebrities casually.

    I can’t even imagine the shell shock she felt when she found out. LOL. She’ll be hiding in Vancouver for years.

  5. Agreed. There’s no future for JW in Hong Kong any more. It’s a real public humiliation for them and their partners, not counting their families. It goes to show some people who repent after they’ve sinned will do it again. Honesty, respect, integrity are not in their nature. I hope Sammi and Kenneth will move on.

  6. Can someone please help me figure out the name of a TVB drama that Andy Hui was in in the 90’s?? He played the lead role as a policeman. The whole series was about police work. I can’t think of the name for the life of me and no websites have it listed in his TVB works!!!

  7. Unfortunately I don’t think tvb will drop Jacqueline. Clearly, she is Virginia loks pet and they adore her very much at tvb for some reason. Her sister is also a well known host and i mean… kinda gotta give some face I would think? She has a large circle of fans and celebrity friends who will probably say good words on her behalf too. They say she needs to take a break or whatever just so they can do some damage control and fix her up in a nice new package for her comeback. It is a shame that tvb will protect these kind of people and not the veterans that have been loyal for so many years. I’d expected better from her but I cannot say I am shocked. Never bought her image as a sweet girl. She seems like she will do anything to get more famous and popular. I have been a huge fan of watching Miss HK since the 90s and have always viewed them as poised and elegant women who will make Hong Kong proud. Therefore, seeing her cursing in the taxi and behaving infinitely with a married man (and she had a bf too) makes her nothing but a cheap person. Definitely not miss Hong Kong material. But she fooled so many of her fans that she is a sweet and innocent and charming person. But again, pretty sure we will keep seeing her in tvb sooner or later. Wishing sammi and Kenneth the best…

    1. @jellybean3 How willing do you think executives would be to protect a cheating sk**k at the cost of her own reputation.

      Im placing my bets she wont.

      1. @megamiaow Totally agree with you. However, if tvb still keeps this #loosewoman #vixen #homewrecker Jacqueline Wong, my imaginary friend might be thinking it is no doubt how many stupid sxxxbags get to scrxw this loose woman

    2. @jellybean3 yeah, i hate to say it too but seeing tvb didn’t fire her immediately was already a hint that they wanted help her. back then, when coffee’s scandal was revealed, she was fired the next day. what angers me most is jacqueline doesn’t even have the courage to come out and apologise to people. i saw her instagram and it sounded so plain and not genuine, plus she kept her ig comments closed, another act of running away from the problem. i understand criticism and yelling is not pleasant, but all it’s doing is making more people hate her.

      1. @emiliachan exactly… coffee wasn’t as popular so it was no sweat off tvb back to fire her. Jacqueline is different somehow I guess. Letting her take a break to let her heal her emotions…

      2. @emiliachan I don’t know if TVB is trying to help her? If they really wanted to help her perhaps they should have come up w/a better explaining for KM to go along with. Like somewhere along the lines of ” We have not been in touch due to our busy schedules blab blab vaguely not saying they have broken up but they did have their problems of this so called 2 year relationship not that it lessen the blow of being a homewrecker but at least the cheating is bc of this and that of their somewhat troubling relationship. TVB helping ? Humm… Not sure about that. Coffee woman? What did she do exactly? Bathroom kissing issue over some guy? Was she cheating and the dude married? I don’t remember much of that as I didn’t even know that actress. Didn’t even know she got fired immediately over that? Seems like a ‘small case’ compares to this. lol….haha

  8. It’s not alcohol!!! They appear so familiar and this affair seems to have been going on for a while.

  9. I’m not sure which part I’m more disgusted by that he’s married and older and technically should know better or the #brazenhussy who does not treasure her better half by a mile.

    The whole interaction and body language reeks of familiarity and indicates that this is not the first time. Only this time they both got caught.

    How pathetic! He’s crying because he got caught not that he’s remorseful. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have done it in the first place.

    As for the girl, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth that one. Clearly, she has used her looks and to some extent, her brain to get her to where she is.

    It is apparent that she was looking for a good time.

    I have no respect or sympathy for either party. I don’t have to wish them ill, their behaviour and response speak for itself.

    1. @thundergirl3
      Agree….they both appears familiar with each other and definitely not the first time!!! he is only sorry as he got found out!
      As for that woman… she is shameless and should disappear !

      1. @applelim I typically do not comment on other people’s infidelity especially when they’re not part of my life. However, I feel strongly about this incident.

        It’s clear that someone’s ego was stroked by a girl half his age. What a loser!

        I understand his wife has forgiven him but call me petty or small-minded but I don’t keep used goods.

        I am all about forgiveness but in my own opinion, the most important thing in life is to treasure yourself, even if your other half doesn’t, you can keep living.

        Ultimately, each marriage is different and that’s a personal choice.

        As for the girl. Clearly spoilt – thinking and acting as though she is the centre of the world and expect everyone to revolve around her. She has overstepped herself this time and good luck with her career. In Asia, the worst thing is a woman branded as a homewrecker and to top it off – a fake and shameless woman.

  10. TVB’s only interest is its bottom line $$. They will release JW’s newly postponed drama probably after a while to gauge the audience’s interest. If viewership drops, tvb will drop JW.
    I hope Kenneth will drop her, JW has humiliated him in such a public way.Will you let your son or brother marry such a girl?

    1. @afan202 I agree with your comments.

      Let’s be real, once you join the entertainment circle you’re basically a commodity. The only value you bring is $$. Once you lose your value and profitability there’s not much else you can do except to send you off to greener pasture to live off your days eating grass and air.

  11. The crying and apology by Andy is an act. His words are pretty clever (he mentioned that he is drunk on that time and he is not calling that as an excuse). Well, when you mentioned that, you are already citing alcohol as an excuse for your disgusting action. I can see clearly from the clip that you are still very conscious and not drunk (only maybe a little).

    It also looks clear to me that they have been very close (can see from their interaction and body language in the taxi) for some time and may have done it couple of times already. Only this time, they got caught. Even the other friend that board the cab with them suspected them and insisted to take Jacqueline back home first but got ignored and rejected. Jacqueline is the one that made the advance as seen in the video.

    Sorry for my bad words, but it looks like she can’t wait to get screwed. What a cheap, shameless and disgusting lady. I’m hoping her career is done. She deserves this. Cheating with someone’s husband is already a sin and she did that to a friend’s husband too (she is friend with Sammi too). That’s another level.

    Kenneth is a nice guy and he should just break up with this woman. He deserves so much better. As for Sammi, she responded (in an Instagram post that attracted about 300 000 likes and 40 000 comments) that she forgive him and treat this as a lesson to their marriage, as a challenge to a marriage that has ups and downs For me, that cheating is more than just a lesson. It is more like a betrayal to their marriage. She shouldn’t be that soft on this matter. Anyway, I hope the best for her and it’s best for them to settle on their own since it is their private issue in the end. This is just my personal opinion.

    I’m happy to see her having the strength to overcome this and not to see her falling back into depression (illness she had over a decade ago that lasts several years). This event is such a big blow to the couple, which is famously known as Hong Kong’s last fairytale couple as highlighted by Dayo Wong in the past during one of Sammi’s concert. This is certainly the biggest entertainment news of the year so far.

  12. Honestly, if you can’t stay faithful to one person, if it’s feels like a chore or obligation, then don’t be selfish and don’t end up married or even in a exclusive relationship. Why the hell ruin lives of others searching for true love and a real marriage??? Friends with benefits, open relationships, one night stands are all possible options 🙂

  13. High Class Prostitute and I’m glad Kenneth knows her True Colors. He really deserves someone else better. Why did she pretend that he was her idol and succeed in winning his heart? I rather he stayed on with Nancy then.

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