Jacqueline Wong Recalls Emotional Rollercoaster

Splashed over press headlines as main lead of the “On Sum cheating scandal” back in April of 2019, former TVB actress and Miss Hong Kong runner-up Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) described her emotional roller coaster and how the support of her close friends and family helped her pull through the dark period!

Explains Why She Did Not Apologize Rightaway
As she had received wind that news of her scandal will hit the streets very soon before the actual news broke, Jacqueline admitted that the wait was more torturous as it was like a “ticking time bomb”, and ironically she felt more at peace after the scandal broke, though she had to face a different wave of emotions.

Sharing that she had suicidal thoughts back then, Jacqueline recalls, “Many friends immediately rushed over to keep an eye on me, but I was in a really bad emotional state,” Explaining why she did not apologize publicly at the outset, she explained, “I asked the company if we needed a press meet for (my apology), but the company had concerns that the (situation) might get out of hand with many demanding answers, so they were against it,” Jacqueline added that she had the impulse to head downstairs to face the reporters and apologize but was promptly stopped by her friends, describing it as “a terrible ten over days” before she left for the States.

As the youngest of four daughters, Jacqueline’s parents gave her a lot of freedom, and her father was even the one to encourage her to return to Hong Kong take part in the pageant. Following the scandal, her family, including her dad and sister Scarlett Wong (黃心美) were understandably bombarded with questions from the press. Asked if her family bore any grudges, Jacqueline teared up and said, “No! When everyone saw (the state) that I was in, and if they still begrudged me, I’d have lost it,” Racked with remorse, Jacqueline is especially sorry towards her family, who had to deal with reporters who camped at their apartment lobbies, and having their work affected by it.

After the episode, Jacqueline stayed in the States for over 8 months. “Ten days after the incident, I left HK without getting to see my dad, he didn’t bring the matter up, when I went to the States on my own, they felt that I could handle my emotions better, and sent messages to me individually,” Jacqueline’s dad called her up and told her to think carefully of the consequences before she did anything, and “to not be stubborn again”. Later, she decided to return to Hong Kong when her third sister had a child. “My family were overjoyed to have me back, so it felt really heartwarming to return,”

Two months after she tied the knot in October, Jacqueline’s father passed away from illness. She regrets not spending enough time with him, “I spent time with my dad after I got back, but felt I could’ve spent even more (time with him), maybe these are so-called life’s regrets,” Fulfilling his wish of entrusting his daughter to someone who loves her before he left, Jacqueline’s father’s wish was simply that she can live a happy life.

Source: HK.On.CC

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  1. Despite all the negative press from the past, glad to see that she is moving on and facing life with lots of optimism………Not a big fan of Andy either, but he should be glad that someone with his frugly looks had a chance to bed someone like Jacqueline…….Sammi is not exactly the most feminine woman to have around……..

  2. TVB did not want to back her, so they found a way to eliminate her. She did doom herself but TVB was ready to step on her. See how quickly TVB protected Tavia and Him?

  3. never liked her in the 1st place don’t know how she was one of the runner up for the HK pageant thanks goodness TVB ousted her Hope she stays faithful on her marriage feel bad for her husband tho..

  4. “Racked with remorse, Jacqueline is especially sorry towards her family” She doesnt even mention she is sorry to Sammi the wronged party / her “friend”? See the type of human she is? Maybe she feels Andy should be the only one to be sorry for betraying his wife? And really? No matter what the wife looks like, that’s not an open invitation for someone to make a move on her husband. J knowingly siddled up to Sammi – both as an excuse to be near her lover and to create the impression she is in the friend zone with them to hide their affair. THAT was conniving and calculated. Now that she’s a wife, let her watch her own back. Maybe she believes her husband with his fudgly looks wouldn’t dream of having any affairs; but then hey..whoever gets into a long term relationship thinking their partners would betray them one day? Live long Jacqueline and see your own day come

  5. Please let this scandal rest in peace. It’s already been 5 years. Just let her start fresh and live her life. Andy has already rebounded back, so why still hold the grudge on her? I wish her all the best and hopefully can let this incident be her past.

    1. The public won’t talk about her if she was more talented. Unfortunately, this affair would be the main reason she will be most remembered in entertainment history now. But look at who is bringing this matter up? She should forget show biz, and get a real job. The same goes for Andy. The public is still cool to him and he too will be remembered more for this affair than for all the hard work he’s put into his career.

  6. Why bring this up again? She wants to heal and make herself feel less guilty? The victim never asked her for anything. No point opening wounds again. Everyone moved on…she is also married.

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