Jacqueline Wong Doesn’t Deny Being Pregnant

Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) and RubberBand drummer’s Lai Man Wang (泥鯭) recently held their low-profile wedding and shared photos of their special day on their social media. As there are rumors that Jacqueline is currently pregnant, netizens took no time to scour their social media for clues of the claims.

Jacqueline shared a set of wedding photos while wearing a red dress and flashing a giant smile. The blushing bride can be seen covering her waist with a flower bouquet while wearing a hefty phoenix bracelet. In another photo, Lai Man Wang embraces Jacqueline from behind while placing his hand over Jacqueline’s stomach.

Jacqueline wrote, “Thank you for your blessing and letting us feel all the love. Thank you to my family and friends, everyone who helped and let us keep this a secret for so long. Everything was smooth, the weather was awesome, and my dogs behaved exceptionally well! Couldn’t have asked for more.

The couple looked radiant in the photos and netizens can’t help but suspect that the couple has good news to share. Netizens also noticed that radio host Tse Sai Ka (謝茜嘉) attended the wedding and then subsequently left a funny message, “Wish you a lifetime of happiness. Give birth soon. A 20,000 yuan [gift] is waiting for you!”

To netizen’s surprise, Jacqueline reposted Tse Sai Ka’s message and added, “I want it!” along with two laughing emojis.

When asked by the media, Jacqueline did not deny being pregnant and said, “It’s 20,000 yuan. We need to work hard!” Jacqueline’s answer will have the netizens on the lookout for any good news!

Source: HK01

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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