Jacqueline Wong to Hold Fan Meeting

Rebranding herself as a singer, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) will be hosting a fan meeting to promote her two singles, “Crown Me” and “Sandbag”.

Deciding to make an official return to the entertainment industry after a 4-year-long hiatus, Jacqueline’s comeback is met with mostly criticism. In June, she accepted her first radio interview since her cheating scandal with Andy Hui (許志安) and revealed that music was her solace and coping mechanism during her darkest hour.

Preparing for a full-fledged comeback, Jacqueline will appear on different music platforms, and perform her songs live. She will also host her first music fan meet, and is preparing to interact with her fans for the first time in four years.

While some netizens encourage Jacqueline to move on with her life, most people labelled her as “thick skinned” for attempting to make it as an artiste again. On dealing with negative voices around her, Jacqueline thinks it is fine to “feel those emotions” but that does not stop her from her dreams. “I just keep going. Without these emotions, people would be blind and ignorant. I hope this year, I can start over as a musician.”

After much reflected, Jacqueline realized, , “I’m a lot calmer now – I’ve already heard the worst. How others treat me – that’s my karma. I can only do my best; I can’t control anything else.”

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. With 3 fans (probably hired from her)
    This woman don’t know what is she doing wrong…

  2. People can be so vile. Y’all know Michael Miu, Jackie Chan, Michael Tao, Sheren Tang, Christine Ng etc cheated right? One thing is questioning Jacqueline’s maturity and her ethics versus belittling her to the point you are telling her she should not exist in X space or X industry or just not exist in general. I do NOT support cheating but we are not karma officers either. And if Kenneth Ma is not punishing her and he already moved on, why can’t the public? I do NOT like Jacqueline as an artiste but she is a talented dancer and singer. If you watch her Miss HK clips and on variety shows, you will see she comes from an arts background

    1. Yeah. Kenneth and Sammi have already moved on in their lives. Why can’t the rest who aren’t involved, just let it go? It’s been years already.
      I have nothing against nor support Jacqueline either. I heard her singing, and I like the first few lines in Crown, but it lacks power. Her expression doesn’t match the lyrics.

    2. I agree. People are so mean. They need to get over it. It’s been 4 years. I always believe in giving people a 2nd chance. Both Sammi and Kenneth have moved on. And I think it’s unfair for her as Andy is making a comeback and people seem to have forgiven him. I

    3. i think issue is yes people cheat etc but she being the z list star cheated with an a list star knowing full well who his wife is and still did it , had it been an unknown random business guy or someone you could forgive her for not knowing they had a wife or gf or whatever, but everybody on the planet knows andy hui and sammi cheng are husband and wife lol. as a public figure she should have certain image , when that image is like total opposite of what was shown ie the smoking, the swearing and the cheating then means that her professional image is just all lies and a charade ..so why should the public back someone like that and buy into the lies and fakeness. As for talented there are loads who can act and sing better. we dont want fake people , we want legit nice artistes .

      1. @billibala123
        Are you saying that f a person knows that a celebrity is an ALister, and married, then that person cannot, and should not sleep with the Alister????!! Jacqueline is not the only one who did that. Are you also implying that celebrities should be so pure, spotless and perfect???!! You need to find your way to the real world. These men and women have some of the dirtiest skeletons in their closets. The ones who choose to drink, swear smoke for the world to see and hear are only being human. The problem is that rabid, delusional fans expect perfection from these celebs, but such fans are barking up the wrong tree for that. It is the fans who choose to put these celebs on pedestals and worship them. If her public image is fake and all lies, then that goes for all celebrities, especially the Asian ones. Then the public should not support any of the celebs. Before you lambast me, I have been seeing with my own eyes the reckless, dangerous and nauseating behavior of the Asian celebrities from the time I was a kid. I have front row seats to their real lives, which isn’t pretty. The celebs you adore might be monster, and Jacqueline might be an angel compared to them. Just because you might dislike her and she disappointed the image you had of her does not make her a monster and the rest of the celebs saints.

  3. I am no interested in her singing nor acting but since those she hurt have moved on and forgave her. I dont see why she cannot be in the industry. She learnt a very hard lesson.

    1. @Hohliu
      There is a lot more to the situation with Jacqueline than meets the eye. Let us just say that the lives of these celebs care so unbelievably crazy, scary, disgusting and surreal that it is bigger than fiction.
      I wish there was a way to privately PM you and a few others here.

      1. @Renren ugliness is always associated with power and wealth. Entertainment industry is one where quick and big bucks can happen.

        I too wish there’s a platform here where some of us can chat about things together, not just entertainment gossips haha but to share the latest drama that we find interesting, that sort. Sometimes I hesitate if i should bring up a programme that i like when there’s no related article.

  4. You know the interesting part about Sammi and Andy, has anyone actually seen pics of them together? Every so often on my feed I’ll see Sammis post on IG/FB and not once do I ever see her post of the 2 of them together….makes you wonder if they’re really still together emotionally.
    As for Jacqueline whoa is that tattoo real on her?

    1. I don’t follow them so uncertain if they have been like this even during the early days of their marriage. Recall however during their courtship, they were low profile about it though their relationship was an open secret.

      1. @BearBear
        A lot of the entertainment industry’s marriages are not not what they seem. There are those that are divorced, or not divorced but are not in a marriage. These relationships are business related and one, or all two partners will suffer in popularity and wealth if the public knows the real deal.

      2. @Renren yes, I definitely don’t agree to those who still pretend to be a doting couple and continue to deceive the public to earn money with that fake image as a devoted couple (advertisements, brand ambassadors).

    2. @Hohliu
      Went to Taipie to visit friends, family, entertainment acquaintances and sign off on a house. I ran into the manager I can’t stomach, she was out with her toyboy. Even the air around her is foul.
      Speaking of managers, Jam Hsiao got engaged to his longtime manager Summer Lin. Wow, she was with him from the time he was 20 and she was 34. Now he is 36 and she is 50. Did you know about that? The other manager, the hated one, wants a marriage from boytoy too.

      1. Yes, I read about engagement.. I am happy for them both. They know each other best..in and out…to still want to be married. This is love for them. Wish them the best.
        It is understandable such relationship get cultivated. Just like Hu Ge and his assistant, them getting married upset lots of his fans too. I am a fan of Hu Ge and I am happy he finally settled into a marriage.

  5. @BearBear I would love to discuss topics like what dramas and movies are out there, which ones are good, bad and worth our time and dime. Perhaps get to know a bit each other, not too much, lol, just enough about the person’s behind the comments. You shouldn’t feel bad about going off topic as it is the only way we can communicate, seeing we can’t PM each other. There is too much dirty dealings amongst the celebrities and rich people. I would shock you all with things that are stranger than fiction if I had a private platform to speak up on. Then you will understand the method to my “madness”, lol. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Mainland and good old Hollywood. So much to say.

    1. @Renren I was thinking if this blog has a section for New dramas discussion, it will be great. Been thinking about it….

      1. @Hohliu as much as I would love to see us chatting, guess maintenance of the additional section will require more commitment from the owner. I used to visit another website with multiple discussion forums but it had closed down when the administrator couldn’t find the time to continue.

    2. @Renren would love to see that happen one day. I haven’t been commenting in other places of similar content because I like how we can have different views without getting into cat fight or throwing ugly names at each other and different thoughts also make me think more. At most, we just move on to other topics or if there’s potential misunderstanding, we clear the air and get back to the discussions again. I have seen enough aggressive behavior in real life that I don’t want to be near drama online.

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