Jacqueline Wong Opens Up on Cheating Scandal in Rare Interview

Disappearing from the limelight after her cheating scandal with Andy Hui (許志安) four years ago, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎), 34, makes an official comeback as a singer this year by releasing two songs. Accepting her first public interview in years, Jacqueline boldly opens up about the subject and talks about the decision behind her career shift.

Although many things have happened in the last several years, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the negative buzz around Jacqueline’s sudden return indicates that netizens may have pushed it to the back of their minds, but have not completely forgiven her actions.

Jacqueline knew her return to the entertainment industry would not be an easy path. Commenting on the scandal, she expressed, “I used to care a lot and I didn’t know how to handle the situation – but I’m much calmer now. I’ve already heard the worst of the comments and have seen how people treated me – this was the result of my actions. There wasn’t much I could do, and the only thing I could control was to be myself.”

Depressed After Scandal

Recalling her darkest times, the singer-actress said her initial reaction was to sleep all day as she did not want to face reality. Her emotions turned to uncontrollable crying, and she became deeply depressive and unmotivated.

Luckily, Jacqueline recognized she needed help. She enrolled in acting classes to keep busy and did not allow herself to think about anything else. She was also fortunate to be accompanied by her family after returning to Hong Kong, and recovered faster after adopting her dog.

Asked why she chose to launch her music career, Jacqueline explained that music helped release her emotions.  “A door opened for me – I was so lost, and music was the only thing that made me feel anything. At that time, I really didn’t know what else I could do.”

Working with Lai Man Wang

Although Jacqueline was immediately frozen by TVB after the scandal, the station eventually invited her to go back and film dramas and variety shows. However, Jacqueline ultimately chose the road untravelled.

Enlisting the help of her boyfriend, RubberBand drummer Lai Man Wang (泥鯭), to produce her two singles, Jacqueline said he requested that “no fighting would be allowed” if they worked together despite her opinionated personality. Despite Jacqueline’s lack of confidence in music production, Lai Man Wang motivated her and continued to give words of encouragement.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Taking a whole leaf from Andy’s book by saying a whole lotta things about nothing lol. But, it’s a way forward, I guess.

  2. I never cared for her and still don’t. But I believe people deserve second chances. Andy seems to be forgiven by most and is even talking about holding a concert. Everyone makes mistakes and should be allowed to learn and move on from them.

    1. Even Sammi has forgiven Andy and move on… Kenneth have also forgiven Jacqueline, in fact with her stupid mistake, Kenneth Ma would not have found such a good partner with Roxanne Tong.
      So no point witch hunting Jacqueline… She can continue in the industry but I doubt she will be able to built a career out of it…. Her currently boyfriend can just be investing into a bottomless pit…

      1. I totally agree that she probably won’t have much of a career in entertainment. I never found her to be particularly talented in acting, and her song was average at best.

  3. She should’ve moved onto a new career four years ago instead of wasting her time waiting to be forgiven

  4. Good cash grab, earn all that youtube views. in entertaiment no news is bad news. If the man and company that threw you under the bus can do it, you can too.

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