Jacqueline Wong is Making a Comeback on Valentine’s Day

Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) has largely disappeared from the entertainment industry following her cheating scandal with Andy Hui (許志安). After a long break that includes ending her contract with TVB, the actress makes a surprise announcement that she is releasing a new song “Crown Me” and shares a 20-second trailer.

With her damaged image, Jacqueline’s announcement on her social media caught netizens by surprise. The music video trailer shows that Jacqueline has opted for a sexy image as she dances in a slip dress behind the backdrop of an auction house. The short trailer ends with a snapshot of the music label’s name, Sumthing – a play on words on Jacqueline’s Chinese name and suggests that Jacqueline may have created her own music label.

As many netizens wait to see Jacqueline’s comeback, netizens have discovered that Jacqueline has deleted most of her old photos on her Instagram page. Leaving just 10 photos on her page, many netizens believe that Jacqueline is signaling that she wants a fresh start with her comeback.

Jacqueline’s upcoming comeback follows Andy Hui’s return to the entertainment industry. Although Andy Hui’s image also took a nosedive after the scandal, the singer signed with Universal Studio last year to resume his singing career.

Source: Yahoo HK

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Why? Those lashing has stopped for a while and now she wants to face them again?? She wants fame so much? Cannot be money as I doubt she is paid much at all. Anyway, her choice, her consequence to bare…

    1. I think she is trying to add more activities to minimize effects of the scandal. The worst she could do is withdraw as it is and remain ‘that one’ forever. I guess she will try to burry it under work highly visible on the net so google search does not pop up only scandal things. Not that I believe she will do much, not exactly top talent for me, but somehow glad she has fighting spirit. It felt unfair he continued as nothing much happened, it was ‘just minor digression’ for him (not that it was first one), while she was kinda ‘killed’. It takes two to tango, always.

    2. Her song literally told you why she wants to come back lol: crown me whatever just crown me please, I need your like lawl! I need your attentions (not 100% words to words but it literally saying all of that lol)!

      1. I am not bothered if she wants a comeback…just wondered why she wants to subject herself to public lashing again. She is very brave. Who knows if she may make a career as a singer…

        Her new song is very suitable… but I can see she does seem to enjoy singing…her current boyfriend must have supported her with this song released.

  2. I don’t get the negativity anymore on her, as who hasn’t done something stupid before. The thing is if she wants to resume her career its up to her. But people need to stop judging her. She was wrong and so was he but to use it to stop them from carrying on with their careers due to it rather than basing on the materials they produce is just stupid and ignorant. Just leave it be. If Andy’s wife has forgiven him, then accept and move on.

  3. Sheren Tang survived, Michelle Reis survived, Ashley Chu survived, Sally Yep survived….

    If she has the courage to bear a hateful audience, she deserves a second chance.

    1. she hurt Sammy Cheng , hk’s number 1 queen…. with such a high profile cheating scandal, it will take longer than 5 years for people to forget this or to accept her.

      1. I like Sammy, but she’s not god, and she’s stupid to be with Andy, so after a few years, everyone needs to move on. Geez, live your life, who cares about someone sleep with someone when it does not affect your life whatsoever?!!!

        I’m with other, if she wants to be brave and carry on, she should be given a chance. After all, it’s not like she murder someone

    2. EXACTLY!! Did they forget all those women were basically on the same boat and yet you still see their faces for years and years no? esp ST on the big screen and ppl sang her praises after that role and I guess when you had a popular role people tend to forget all the bad things. haha lol…

    1. Lol, regardless what you think of my comment, it is your opinion, I just dont understand why she wants the fame so much to open the wounds again that hurt not just hr career and also the pain of others. Anyway, it is her choice… and her consequence. It may be a good decision she made…she might just do well.
      Andy is trying to make his comeback too… why can’t she? Good luck to both of them.

  4. Repeated cheating is a sign of flawed moral character. Nobody knows how many times she has cheated. However, I am not sure that impedes her talent. She’s just in a very compromised position because 1) she’s a woman 2) wasn’t as popular as the man she cheated with and 3) the man she cheated with has a significantly much more popular wife. That’s really it.

  5. What would be interesting is if she actually has vocal chops. She dug Andy not cus he’s a married man. He is a singer. Her current flame is also a drummer. I think she’s been wanting to do music for a long time

  6. Do people still want to see her? It’s not like she has a well established career like Andy, Leehom, Show, or Lee Yun-Di. People don’t miss seeing her, she got any hardcore fans?

    1. Nobody cares about Shirley Yeung, but she carved a career out herself. So it’s really not about talent/fans, just public permission. If the public allows her space to exist, then she’ll come back.

      1. Shirley Yeung’s fall is not as bad as hers. She had a pure image, that was her selling point. SY had a pure image but that wasn’t her what she was showing to people and she had a more well-established career. Plus, SY never really made a comeback, she’s around but not that people really pay attention or care about.

      2. @m0m0 I interpreted your comment as, she doesn’t have support, so what’s the point of trying to come back. But my point is, you don’t need fans/support to make a comeback. Shirley Yeung is doing well for herself; she’s not mainstream anymore, but she’s still making money to support her family. She’s infamous and will be generate interest from that scandal. Just like Coffee Lam, who was literally a nobody.

        JW had an affair; but SY literally had an affair, got preggo with a scammer and then became a single mom. Ashley Chu messed with a married man who has a kid coming. So many more of these that are on a worse scale of conduct in comparison.

  7. why is she the only one being “punished” and was andy her 1st and only transgression? It looks like over the years since she entered showbiz, andy was not the 1st men with existing relationships she dated including Lawrence Ng (actor) and Johnson Lee. AND she dare touch the 2 “angels” in HK show biz ie Sammi and Kenneth. Sammi Cheng has a huge loyal fan base. And well known to be a devout christian who fought all the negative gossip through the years to be with Andy. It is like JW challenged Sammi. If she hadn’t taken the open action of being all over Andy, would Sammi be exposed and have to step in? It was said Sammi was “tolerant” of threesomes in her marriage but I doubt it. Which wife is so generous? And JW was so blatant she tried to be close to Sammi, thereby making Sammi a bigger martyr! Then there is JW’s boyfriend Kenneth Ma. For crying out loud. He works hard, not even a smidgen of gossip on him and don’t smoke, drink or gamble and is filial. He is considered a Diamond Bachelor. Her current boyfriend too. He supposedly broke up with his fiancee a year before they hooked up but since then, there has been huge doubts cast on this. So. Yes. JW is promiscuous and she can be. It is her life! But really – with her education and background, and somewhat limited talent in singing, couldnt she have made a career change? And does a leopard ever change? Watch her space in future

  8. Well, I may disagree with her morals, but gotta admire her guts. Must be hard to face the conservative Chinese media with a cheating scandal hanging over her head.

    But honestly, if Andy Hui is allowed to return to the industry, then she should be as well. I’ve heard Andy was a “big boil guy” before he got married. He may have not been with Sammi at the time, but was likely still with his ex, Michelle. Takes two to tango.

  9. Think my comment got deleted…
    I like her tongue in cheek lyrics, “crown me b1tch, crown me cheap, crown me naughty.” Pretty sure she got a ton of those comments during the scandal. Singing is still meh, and in English. Dunno how popular she’d be, but it’s interesting to see

    1. Interesting that her whole song is in English if her target audience is Chinese. Unlikely it will be a hit.
      I guess she saw that Andy Hui has been making a comeback so why shouldn’t she. She has paid for her sins work all the backlash so fine to move on, although Im not sure she has enough star power to pull this off.

  10. JW never had any acting chops or singing chops. I’m surprised that she’s trying to pursue singing.

    The reason why the JW x Andy Hui OnSum cheating scandal was made bigger deal than all the others mentioned in the comments was that they were caught red handed with lengthly video contents still on YouTube with tonnes of views. You can clearly see JW’s character when she in the taxi seducing/making out with AH and touching each other all over. They were very comfortable with each other and clearly it wasn’t just a one time thing, they’ve probably been seeing each other for a long time.

    Even after the scandal, after her breakup with KM and now her new boyfriend who allegedly broke up with his fiancé to be with JW. She’s been dubbed a cheater more than once by the world and HK ppl aren’t willing to forgive her.

    She’ll either have to quit or completely rebrand herself to make a comeback.

  11. “for you and I” is just bad grammar. lmao. but no one cares about grammar these days anyways. her lyrics can’t be more obvious. she’s giving her haters a big “eff u”. she’s saying, “you can label me anything you want! i just need your attention! haters only make me famous! don’t you know i’ve got all the qualities that deserve attention?!!!”

    doesn’t matter how much she is paid for this stint – as long as songs are released, she will get moolah.

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