Jacqueline Wong Holds Fan Meeting to a Near Empty Room

Stepping to the spotlight as a singer, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) held a fan meeting event to promote her new singles. However, it appears that the public is not ready for Jacqueline’s return and the event was disappointingly attended by only three fans.

Jacqueline had planned to share her journey as a singer at her fan meet. While the fan meet would have been a major milestone in her singing career, the event’s live feed looked remarkably empty. Aside from her staff in attendance,  only three fans showed up and were seen holding signs to show their support.

Netizens were relentless and posted their comments, “Those three fans could have been the staff in disguise. It’s so embarrassing. Did these three blurry-face fans spend money? Even if Sammi forgives you, I will never forgive you.”

It appears that netizens have not moved on from the 2019 cheating scandal with Andy Hui (許志安). Back then, Jacqueline had cried in front of the media and announced her retirement from the entertainment industry. After four year of hiatus, Jacqueline made an unannounced return as a singer and received lukewarm reception.

Source: World Journal

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Those are not fans, they are employees or helping out with the event.

  2. Her team didn’t conduct any market research before her so called comeback…haha. For the sin of cheating with the husband of the nation sweetheart, 4 years hiatus isn’t enough to make the public forgot and forgave. Not to mentioned she isn’t THAT popular to begin with.

    1. You’re right. I feel bad for her. Must have been hard to hold up a smile for that fan meeting. It’s not just about the popularity, also no talent. She had no acting chops and her singing just doesn’t cut it.

      1. She could try content creating or online selling. I think she’s got the charisma and fame to do well in those fields.

    2. I think that’s the main problem. Even if people didn’t care about the cheating anymore, she wasn’t that famous to begin with to draw the numbers back. At least she tried though, can’t argue with her effort.

  3. Ouch!! must be Painful … A risk I am sure she is fully aware of. It is hers to take.

  4. Maybe she can try mainland market. Look at Shirley Yeung – she’s doing great without really doing any kind of acting work anymore. Online selling or KOL online would be great gigs for her. And Coffee Lam who reinvented herself by doing yoga on YouTube.

    There are many avenues for an ebiz career. Singing wasn’t her greatest choice, but I guessed she wanted to go in that direction from the beginning after the scandal. It created a lot of buzz and put her back on the radar, but it’s not going to pan out. If she really wants to go into music, maybe look into writing songs or lyrics for other singers. Or, do something useful for society to whitewash her reputation.

  5. who is helping or promoting her lol like there is plenty of other artiste to promote and help, she so yesterday’s news. i dont think she should ever be forgiven esp way she speaks in real life when she was caught in the taxi lol. She knew full well who Andy Hui is and whose husband he is, if she got caught with an unknown man you could forgive her for not knowing he has a wife but everybody knows who Andy Hui is and fact she went ahead and still did it just shows how much morales she got. Leopards do not change their spots. Why is this even got into Jaynestars , she just so irrelevant now lol

    1. Genuinely curious, but how old are you? You can’t realistically expect celebs to be the same onscreen vs IRL. I mean, some can be very real, but this is in the small minority.

      Sheren Tang knew her Kwong Wah had a wife; Christine Ng knew her ex had a wife; Anita Yuen also dated someone who had a wife. And many more such examples.

      I personally don’t like cheaters, either. They deserve their dues. And JW and Andy both paid with the price of their careers. But, if they’re willing to work hard, not make the same mistakes, and be a better person, it shouldn’t be the end of the world for them.

      1. Exactly! All those ladies you mentioned are shameless and yet they came back sb like nothing happened. lol… Sheren Tang, Christine Ng, Anita Yuen, Michelle Reis and probably more that I can’t think of right now – well, MR – this one was not on the screen much haha but still all those women had a 2nd chance and just bc this JW got on w/queen’s hubby it’s a life sentence? lol…Oh boy!! No, and I am not a fan b4 or after the incident of JW, she’s just another actress to me but if others get a chance, why can’t she? Who is 100% real in showbiz anyway?

      2. Don’t forget one of the more “successful” ones that most people have forgotten their history – Sally Yeh.

    2. I’m firmly in the camp of if Andy Hui can resume his career, then she should be allowed a chance to as well. Whether people are receptive is another story. They are both equally to blame, perhaps more so on his part, but the media was/is way more savage on her. Hope he compensated his PR firm befittingly for their impressive damage control.

  6. she really have THICK SKIN, she never apologize to Sammi and dare to play the victim card as if nothing happened, she a disgrace should simply vanished from the entertainment business and do other jobs or investment.

  7. I didn’t know she never apologized to Sammi. Dang! Is it possible she never believe that she was wrong? And just wait for the time to pass and for people to forget so she can get back to the entertainment industry? That’s naive. Scandals like this take a long time for people to accept their appearances again. Look at Gillian Chung, it wasn’t even her fault and she was super famous and loved and still took years for her to come back. Why don’t JW get it, we don’t want to dwell on her incident any longer, we don’t want to hate on her or talk about her anymore but why does she have to come back to this industry where we have to see her face and of course reminds us of what she did? A person with shame would have had thought about that. Really thick skin indeed. We don’t want her to suffer to death or not able to work to provide herself, just not in this business. Just don’t want to see her.

    1. Lol, you are right. Looks like it is so…only 3 fans even for other artistes too

    2. @kidd good that you learn about it and share with us.
      Personally I feel the media will still find something to write about her in any situation of her comeback – if she has a small room of fans (more than this), they will still talk about the size being small, if she has a big hall of fans, they may speculate that those are hired audience.
      The media seems to be less harsh on the guy.

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