Roxanne Tong Reacts to Jacqueline Wong Toppling Unicorn Float

Tying the knot with RubberBand member Lai Man Wang (黎萬宏), ex-TVB actress Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) shared a photo of her swimming in a bikini with an overturned unicorn float. In the photo, Jacqueline was covering her mouth and giggling, making netizens think her photo was a direct hit at former friend Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) who is known to love unicorns.

When Jacqueline and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) were dating, she was good friends with Roxanne. After Jacqueline’s cheating scandal with Andy Hui (許志安), she took an indefinite hiatus and eventually terminated her contract with TVB. Roxanne started dating Kenneth, marking the end of the two women’s friendship.

When Roxanne announced her dating relationship with Kenneth, she used a stuffed unicorn and horse to represent themselves. Similarly, Roxanne unveiled her engagement with the same stuffed toys holding a diamond ring. For years, the unicorn came to represent Roxanne on her Instagram account.

When Jacqueline posted her recent photo overturning a unicorn, fans quickly assumed she was making a jab at Roxanne. Many interpreted Jacqueline’s gesture as laughing at the fact that she beat Roxanne to getting married first.

When asked about the photo and Jacqueline’s “snide” intentions, Roxanne simply laughed and advised netizens to not look so closely and overthink it. Roxanne even gave Jacqueline her blessings. With Roxanne’s wedding taking place around Christmas, she is busily taking care of last-minute details with the help of her younger sister, who will be the maid of honor.

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