Jacqueline Wong in England with Boyfriend

Barely a year after the infamous “On Sum” cheating scandal in 2019, former actress Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) appeared to have found a new love interest in RubberBand drummer Lai Man Wang (黎萬宏/泥鯭), as the two were frequently spotted shopping at pet stores and visiting veterinarians with their respective pets.

Jacqueline & Drummer Boyfriend Head to England Separately
Spotted attending group gatherings on several occasions such as tuning in to FIFA World Cup matches together, the pair did not shy away from being publicly seen. They were photographed tightly holding hands by the paparazzi. On the band’s recent international tour to England, Jacqueline appeared to have also tagged along with her musician boyfriend!

When reporters asked on March 18 if Jacqueline would be accompanying him on the trip, Lai had answered in the negative. However, Jacqueline’s social media update on March 25 indicated that she had arrived in England, thus it was likely that the two likely flew separately to the same destination.

Updating with images of “me time” at the local cafeteria, it appears that Jacqueline’s boyfriend was preoccupied with rehearsals, and left her on her own itinerary, while Jacqueline had an enjoyable time alone.

Surprising industry watchers and the public with a comeback music video “Crown Me” on Valentine’s Day this year, Jacqueline rose up search rankings, but received mixed reviews for her effort. The 32-year-old has three elder sisters, Scarlett Wong (黄心美), Shelby Wong (黃心妙) and Shirley Wong (黃心慧).

Source: Singtao USA

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  1. Man, so what if she finds herself another man, it’s not a crime to date again. Ppl needs to let her go lol. If Sammy forgives the dude, then move on, ppl! Literally my respect for Sammy go to the floor for forgiving the dude so fast. Girl, you can do better! For Jacqueline, again, whatever she’s doing after the breakup with the married man isn’t a crime \~_~/

  2. She’s definitely the better looking one out of the 4, interesting that her name didn’t start with an S…they must have figured she would be the black sheep of the family haha.

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